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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Nepal Tourism Year 2011 AD

After the dawn of republican, the new coalition government has declared Year 2011 AD as the "Nepal Tourism Year". Though, its sound very active and progressive but in a under -developed country like our where development lies at the stake of grants and loans , the question of implementing such a big campaign at the risk of past experience is question that haunts the tourism experts and policies makers. Just looking back to past campaigns like Visit Nepal 98, Destination Nepal 2002 and other campaigns the result have not been that lucrative, perhaps if look at the normal growth rate then it’s quite exciting showcasing an increase of around 30 percent in the arrivals rate every year. So why waste extra effort and money designing a new campaign when we can use the same money to improve the quality and make the present better.Just look at the Naturally Nepal once is not enough campaign (2006). It was made by Alchemy an Indian company at the cost of Nrs 100 Million but if u considered its money value and return then, its very complex and controversial.Likewise, if daily necessity of proper management of Traffic, customer services in regards from the time of arrival to departure, security, sufficient numbers of information centers are prioritized in the tourism policies and industry then the arrivals coming in Nepal would get more out of it rather then a new campaign which would list a program schedule hosting various programs at site and creating controversial situation However, the image of new campaign seems too imaginary when we are not able to quantify the needs of the arrivals coming here at present. Everyday tourists are harassed in hubs and centers both physically and verbally where the local tourism stands in the sole efforts of individual marketing.Now, looking back to the new campaign, the new campaign aims to welcome, a million tourists in a year. The question here is not about development, growth and progress, the question here is about providing sufficient services and accommodations to the arrivals where they would comfort in. New Nepal perhaps means showcasing big dreams and hopes where the vitality and reality goes miles away. The need of time is not a new Nepal but consequently a better Nepal with better leaders who have vision not just dreams and hopes to lure the diffused public.“It just takes a spark to burn but when it burn it engulfs the whole” so these word perfectly display the types of people we need rather than people who shallow their word in playing the usual games of power and policy.
By Shreedeep Rayamajhi

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Change is virtual existence of one’s substance. Change can be defined as the spark of idea or thought or vision that sees beyond the emancipation of oneself from the anxiety of the materialistic world.
To see or to visualize the substance of existence is to practice the vividness of life in an unparallel cortex of artificial expression. Moreover, moving above the expression of vividness, it gives impulse of desire. When the same impulse is controlled, it manifests the logic to explain the unknown and unexplainable.

Likewise, mind, body and spirit are the 3 essential parts of the human existence which binds energy of who we are and what we are?
The flow of energy that caters the chakras, energy point defines the level of your existence and showcases your output.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


From the day, i was born, life was a twist for me.I struggled my way with the curves diluting the experience in my hardwork to find a dream but reality obstructed me orchastrating the vision with the pain and misery of my past.
However on a noble day, i realised that i was born as a human and i had no extra qualities like super man or bat man, then my vision changed but from that day i pitty the world that it could not utilize my talent. Moreover, years have passedand i have learned to fight aginst the eccentric world with my vision. Currenlty, I am involved in picturing words to defy action aginst time. yes, reality is i am a writer and i visulize reality manupulating in words that happens in daily life. "Today, I anchor my words to seek new identity for others where the world sees me with a new perspective and i see the world with an abstract view"


NO Present

People talk about present sidelining their past and future but ha ha to them, they just made the most idiotic mistake that one could ever think. Moreover, these groups of people translate past as gone and future as coming which is pretty common to the ears but in reality, their is no such thing as present.
How can their be present when we talk, walk and do things in past?

For example anything that you do is already past which materializes its presence in future.
As you might have experienced it that whenever you do something by the time you finish it, it’s already past.

Words defy the language but trying to impersonate something that is inconclusive as such is the pure example of humor that we practice in our daily lives.
So for people who believe their past and future, it’s an overwhelming day to see your presences in more standard and static way rather than the people who live by their present with the hypothetical answer to seek future.


Dreams, starts inside of meA fire burns inside me, a depth shallows me
Emotion and feeling carry’s me out, Life seeks new identity
Thirst of emotion drives me crazyCompassion and sentiments explodes me
And Silence brings out, the colors in me
As my life burns in endless seconds of emptiness I fight back to rejuvenate the essence of life
I seek new identity I materialize a newer me
I don’t have words to describe my thoughts
As Visions and dreams unfolds inside of me
The quest of aspiration drives me
Branch out to conquer the world in my dreams
And in times reality checks me
I see me fighting with my dreams
And frustration aggravates my silence
Life becomes vague as silence seems so loud
Pristine to define life, I see sporadic illusion engulfing my vision
But Buoyancy creates a new admiration
Seeing myself in Protagonist way, I constrain my boundaries
I can’t explain my situation and why thee?
Every second, I feed my needs and wants with struggle and misery
I am beaten up by time and situation but yet I stand up
Life obliges me to compromise
Can’t define words as I don’t know why
Just a step to achieve when miles yet to see
Ambition of life kicks vacuum of thoughts inside of me
Mind, body and sole says it’s yet another day to roll
My deeds and my thoughts collide, visualizing dreams of today
A new spirit and zeal drives me to yet another day
Reality blocks the vision saying it’s another dream
But there are miracles in life that I must achieve
There are ace which are to be seen
Courage boosts me yet a new day
Life is a fight and people who dream, win it everyday
Shreedeep Rayamajhi

In search of identity
My soul seeks a new individualityMy dreams seeks certainty
Courage brings out the fears in me
Ego and pride shoulders the weakness in me
Time and situation test my limitation
Failure and deception creates my restriction
Anonymity searches the depth of my veracity
Enigma of my essence aloof my hidden personality
Life struggles to abreast the belligerent idealism
Every day it’s a war of survival and extremism
Exuberance and exhilaration coerce my day
Life obliges my thoughts and visions to stay
My self esteem and confidences lights my vision
My control and patience controls my limitation
It has always been race against time
Where I am running alone to meet my shine
Every day it’s a new ends and every day it’s a new start
For me its challenge to prove myself to play a new part
Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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