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Saptari Killings was purely Human Rights Violation by the state

Rayznews reported " On March 5th four United Democratic Madhesi Front cadets have been killed in a firing by Police trying to dis...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Change is virtual existence of one’s substance. Change can be defined as the spark of idea or thought or vision that sees beyond the emancipation of oneself from the anxiety of the materialistic world.
To see or to visualize the substance of existence is to practice the vividness of life in an unparallel cortex of artificial expression. Moreover, moving above the expression of vividness, it gives impulse of desire. When the same impulse is controlled, it manifests the logic to explain the unknown and unexplainable.

Likewise, mind, body and spirit are the 3 essential parts of the human existence which binds energy of who we are and what we are?
The flow of energy that caters the chakras, energy point defines the level of your existence and showcases your output.


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