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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NO Present

People talk about present sidelining their past and future but ha ha to them, they just made the most idiotic mistake that one could ever think. Moreover, these groups of people translate past as gone and future as coming which is pretty common to the ears but in reality, their is no such thing as present.
How can their be present when we talk, walk and do things in past?

For example anything that you do is already past which materializes its presence in future.
As you might have experienced it that whenever you do something by the time you finish it, it’s already past.

Words defy the language but trying to impersonate something that is inconclusive as such is the pure example of humor that we practice in our daily lives.
So for people who believe their past and future, it’s an overwhelming day to see your presences in more standard and static way rather than the people who live by their present with the hypothetical answer to seek future.


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