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Saptari Killings was purely Human Rights Violation by the state

Rayznews reported " On March 5th four United Democratic Madhesi Front cadets have been killed in a firing by Police trying to dis...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


From the day, i was born, life was a twist for me.I struggled my way with the curves diluting the experience in my hardwork to find a dream but reality obstructed me orchastrating the vision with the pain and misery of my past.
However on a noble day, i realised that i was born as a human and i had no extra qualities like super man or bat man, then my vision changed but from that day i pitty the world that it could not utilize my talent. Moreover, years have passedand i have learned to fight aginst the eccentric world with my vision. Currenlty, I am involved in picturing words to defy action aginst time. yes, reality is i am a writer and i visulize reality manupulating in words that happens in daily life. "Today, I anchor my words to seek new identity for others where the world sees me with a new perspective and i see the world with an abstract view"



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