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Monday, January 26, 2009

Education via Radio: The new way of educating people

Charles Malcolm-Brown is a well-known name in Nepalese social sector; his contribution and voluntary assistance in supporting and coordinating different voluntary activities are well testimony to his name and fame.
Whether it’s about renovating a school in remote location or constructing toilets in schools or collecting fund for operating a brain tumor patient, Charles indeed is a person making difference in people’s lives. Currently he is working as the Chairman for the famous Mountain Trust (MT) where his creativity and genuine attitude has certainly helped in giving the MT a new vision and opportunities.

Recently, on his initiation the MT launched a new radio education program, which has significantly made prominent results. Few months back, they started a pilot project in collaboration with Annapurna FM in Pokhara. The project was based on the ideology of educating the unreachable with the best available. At first they prepared good lesson plan with standard materials and broadcasted the lesson from the radio, half an hour on daily basis. The result showered in when the SLC result was out, significantly a rise 17% was seen then the past record. The effective medium of entertainment was significantly approaching the youth as a prospect of redefining the barriers where listeners were being addressed to what they need in an effective way.

The idea is simple, he says, “It’s a simple form where you can address a mass through minimum resource, synchronizing the effective use of radio to reach the mass. The program was instant hit as students followed the lessons from their home and since the lessons were prepared in standard format of easy learning so the output was tremendous.”

“Previously, education had barriers like need of good teachers, time, location, climate conditions, infrastructure etc now it’s just limited to radio which can address a mass on the comfortability of their homes where they can easily utilize the opportunity. This doesn’t mean, we want to discourage the teachers or schooling prospect but looking at Nepal’s geography and availability of teachers, it certainly addresses the issue and assures prominent result which is crystal clear.”

Focusing on the concept he said, “This type of program is first of its kind so Nepal can further develop new techniques and use it as a role model where the under developing nations can idealize it.”

Moreover looking at the current development, he is planning to shoot 2 documentaries with his friends. The first documentary would address the MT’s working scenario in Nepal where as the second documentary would focus on the effectiveness and operation of radio broadcasting which would be presented to the policymakers and leaders of Nepal and abroad.

Charles is the person who believes in creativity and doing things differently, he is the person who definitely sees Nepal moving towards a new ideology for betterment where his positivity and endurance show the strength of his struggle in Nepal from past few years.

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi


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