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Monday, January 19, 2009

Memories of mesmerizing Lakhuri Bhanjyang

Lakuri Bhanjyang is a spectacular land marvel resides within 20 KM from the valley in the Lalitpur district at an altitude from 2100-2500m. Excluded and serrated in its own natural habitat, it’s one of the most popular sites for recreation activities. Perhaps, looking at the rich green bio-diversity and vegetation seems as an amalgamation of nature and modernization bordering to its limits. Similarly, the scenic views of Mahabharata range joys the arrivals amidst its wide versa of landscape magnetizing them to its enigmatic and dimensional perspective adding bonus to the journey. Contemplating, the peculiar views of the valley overwhelms its visitors with exhilaration and temptation of natural and real Nepal where on contrary the yellow embraced fields of mustard and small cribs located in the hills and cliffs gives an essence of vigorous civilization. Moreover, its spectacular landscape is perfect for adventure sports like hiking, mountain biking, paragliding etc which highlights the place from time to time in its abode in the name of tourism. Though not far from the city it’s a perfect and isolated site for relaxation where one can feel the fresh oxygen to the lung making it easier to breath in the explicit space. The journey starts from Kathmandu edging its border to the outskirt of Bhaktpur, Lalitpur district and then to Sisneri where we touched three district from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. After reaching Sisneri, the vivid vegetation peripheries its facilitating environs to be more vivacious and attractive. Looking at such green and fresh vegetation, we slugged out of the bus thinking of the hiking to be hard and treacherous. We were accompanied by around 40 media persons from different publication and media houses who were invited to celebrate the International Mountains Day. After getting the hint from the organizers, we grabbed our bags and set in to the jungle with in the small tracks. The tracks were indifferent so much that if not accompanied by a tracker, it would be hard to locate the route. Perhaps, the deal was, we were excited and in the space of comfort of the locals and trackers, we decided to make the hike more adventurous, so neglecting the easy roads we made our way thorough the jungle creating an extra sense of enthusiasm and exhilarating out of the trip. The jungle was deemed with tall pine trees and slippery track of yellow mud, thanks to god it was not a rainy season. Despite the fact that these jungles at times can be scary and dangerous, we subtracted the stem and forwarded our journey with a new sprit. Carrying the burning enthusiasm, our team passed through the jungle highlighting a sense of excitement but on the back of our mind we all had the sense of adrenaline going, thinking for the inevitable. Passing by the panoramic cliff exhibited the exotic view of Kathmandu valley below and the mountain range amortized time in our memory. Looking at the scenic views from a native’s eyes focused on the essence to see the valley below in the most profound way. Moreover the encroachment of the concrete jungle and it limitation seemed as a posing threat of modernization where the nature was challenging the threats of modernization. Likewise, the tracks passed through a rough terrain where we felt the lack-ness, as lack of good trekking shoes might feel as a major draw back to face the evitable situation, so prior hiking one should always see the feasibility of the landscape and the accessories needed. The route made us feel very tradition and convention where the springs and streams that were readily available beside the tracks made us feel comfortable with the available of water. But looking at it from the health point of view it not considered wise to drink water from wild without any treatment which always triggered us neglecting it in the sprits of seeing and feeling it rather than using it. Similarly, during the hike, we came across villages and societies where the normal lifestyle of the native people was a learning experience. Like such, in Lamatar, we came across a Tamang society where the family of the deceased was performing the after death 49th day procession. The shaman told us that this was a very intricate process and if not done in proper way the sprits cannot obtain peace. The experience of the whole interaction was eccentric but reality is our culture and tradition are based upon mysterious believes that are very abstract and enigmatic which portraits our rich heritage. The hike nearly lasted around 2 hrs but the exhaustion was overwhelmed by the scenic mountains view of in the Mahabharata range and the valley which kept the sprit high. With a picture perfect mode posing seemed as a perfect shot framed in the canvas of nature. From Lakuribhanjyang one can see the range of mountains like Gauri shankar, Ganesh, langtang etc. Ironically, Lakuribhanjyang is a great destination of scenic views with a timeless photographic image where one can rejuvenate oneself with the fresh environment.
By Shreedeep Rayamajhi


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