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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nepalese Tourism finally revived

The numbers of arrivals during September and October 2008, have certainly brought smiles to tourism entrepreneurs where their expectations are met with good tourist turnouts.
Ram Shrestha, a tourism entrepreneur in Thamel said, “Thamel certainly looks crowded these days. Perhaps, the authorities should focus on regulating Thamel in a more systematic and coordinated way where Vehicle regulated Zone should come in effect. The priority today is to establish information centers in Thamel where tourists can access quality information. We need to create better environment where they can feel at home”

Currently the tourist hubs like Thamel, Chitwan , Pokhara, Sauraha etc are fully booked, the situation have crossed the limits where the hotels are charging high prices to the arrivals due to the congestion.

Likewise, Yaubraj Basnet, Manager at the Candle Inn, Pokhara said, “In comparison to last year, this year the tourist turnout certainly look promising. The current on going peace process has certainly benefited the flow, though we are fully booked for the month of December but still the recent untoward incidents in the capital certainly have created a stir, we don’t know the future but we expect it to be better. Moreover, the government should react to such happening and should create a mechanism to deal with the situation.”

Pravesh Lamichhane, Trekking Manager at the Tenzing Asian Holidays said, “The numbers of arrivals in the October was good where the Free Individual Tourist (FIT) had surely increased but now the numbers have dropped but in comparison to last years data its surely good. First thing what we need to understand is Nepal’s tourism is based on repetitive and individual marketing where the role of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) is very much limited.”

“We just need to give better services and the numbers would soar. Perhaps if the current government could focus on easy VISA procedures and could give better facilities to the arrivals then we can certainly expect more. As currently from the time they enter Nepal they face problem right from TIA.”

Adapting the government declaration to celebrate the year 2011 as the “Nepal Tourism Year” experts have already predicated it to be more ambitious and impractical as in current scenario when we are not been able to cater the normal growth then talking about the 1 million tourists seems unpractical in situation where we lack proper infrastructures and airseats to meet the rising demand.

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi


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