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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sky Dive World Record Set in Nepal

The world record in Sky diving has been set recently by the aesthetic and world champion sky divers in Nepal’s most enchanting tourism destination, Everest region. A total of 76 jumps were carried out of which were 41 solo and 41 tandems at an attitude from 18,000ft to 29,500ft where the single engine Plane was flown in from Switzerland. Nima Tamang and Maya Gurung were the first Nepalese to perform the sky dives at such height. The group included 15 different national from various countries.

Speaking at the closing ceremony held in NTB premises on October 14 Windy Smith a Pro Sky diver and Ariel Cinematographer said, “The feeling of sky dive is an awesome experience. This is the most secured sport with minimum risk possibilities. Everything is calculated before conducting diving process. We use various equipment like GPS, attitude meter etc. to measure and trace the possible threats in order to minimize mishaps. The only unavoidable hazard for diving from such a height is high altitude sickness.”

Suman Pandey, President of the Explore Himalaya, the main organizing agency in Nepal said, “At first when I was approached by the concept of Sky diving I was confused regarding the technicalities and security issues but today after completion of the jumps, I am thankful to all the foreigners who opened our eyes and introduced ourselves to a completely new adventure sport for Nepal. Hopefully this will be our regular event from this year onwards. Most probably this is the second most covered event after the celebration golden jubilee of Mt. Everest, giving a wide publicity to Nepal as an ultimate adventure destination.”
At the closing ceremony were present Prachanda Man Shrestha , CEO at NTB and Subash Nirola, Director, NTB, TPRD. Prachanda Man Shrestha giving a remark said that a new adventure sport has entered the list of activities that can be carried out in Nepal. Shrestha also gave away token of appreciation to all the participant divers. Similarly, Subash Nirola expressed satisfaction over the success of the event and congratulated the organizers for attempting such a daring job and opening a new chapter in the realms of the country’s adventure sport.

Similarly, a documentary about sky diving was also displayed during the program.

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi


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