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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bird Flu creates Terror in Nepal

Part-2 Bird flu has again been confirmed in Nepal in the village of Sharanamati VDC-2, Jhapa, district in eastern Nepal today after the results came in from London on 20 February 2009. Few days back in Mid January the government had contained the disease in a village of Kakarbhitta where the virus is again at the risk of taking thousand of lives. “The H5N1 avian influenza virus was confirmed Today after the result came in from London where the sample were sent for the further test from the chickens sample of a Poultry farmer Sajibul Rehman, resident of Sharanamati VDC-2,” Confirmed Hari Dahal spokesperson at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Nepal. According to Dahal, “The test were carried out when some 150 chickens in poultry farm died unanimously and later samples were send to London for further investigation.” “Admits the hard hitting situation, a rapid response team has been sent to the area and another team will leave tomorrow. Moreover, the government has tightened the security at the bordering areas,” added he. The situation is so chaotic that people are avoiding seeing chickens at public places. Ram Shrestha a Resident of Kathmandu said, “I have Completely Stopped Eating chickens; we use to take chicken products in our daily meal but after the rumors, we have completely stopped eating chickens.” “The condition had drastically change in the intake of chicken after January and people had started to adapt in the concept of safe chicken but after the confirmation of bird flu in Sharanamati VDC-2, Jhapa, we poultry farmer are completely ruin because its will slash the poultry industry, “ stated a poultry farmer.

Part 1
With the rumors of Bird Flu flying around the Kathmandu valley and in other major bordering cities of Nepal, the supply of chickens and its products has completely halted admits the rumors. Moreover, the situation has drastically gone out of control where people are avoiding eating chicken at their meals and are even avoiding seeing it. Looking at this recession of chicken business, the government has already promoted the message of safe meat by arranging and showcasing different demos of eating safe chicken at public gathering and Medias; but in an underdeveloped country like ours where the poultry business stands as a prominent industry with millions of investment has certainly created a stir in the backbone of the country's depleting economy. Like such, the poultry business is currently facing a completely recession where other flesh business like goats and fish has significantly inclined with around 100% increase in their prices than previous. On January 16, Friday Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda on called an emergency meeting of his cabinet to discuss the epidemic and other crises. Informing about the attack, Information and Communications Minister and government's spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara, informed, "The first outbreak of the disease caused by the Avian Influenza Virus has been detected in the border town of Kakarbhitta in eastern Jhapa district. The government has ordered all poultry in the town as well as other areas within 3 km of it to be culled." Issuing a public notice to keep the disease at bay, the government has also ordered the district administration not to allow the transportation of poultry products within 10 km of the quarantined town. General awareness programs of the dieses including prevention and symptoms of avian influenza in humans like fever, cough, sore throat, and muscle aches to eye infections, pneumonia, and other severe and life-threatening complications are also being raised at both public and private sectors. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 250 people have been killed due to bird flu since 2003. On 25 Jan 2009, The Chinese news agency Xinhua published the news, "No one infected by bird flu in Nepali capital". The news briefs with panic spreading among the public about the bird flu, Nepali authorities confirmed Sunday no person has been infected with the virus and the virus has not spread in the capital Kathmandu, local media reported. Spokesperson at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Hari Dahal said, "a few chicken died in the capital recently. We are carrying out the tests but it has not been confirmed yet as to whether the chicken died of the avian virus". Adapting the news, The BBC News UK quoted, "Some 12,000 chickens and ducks have been slaughtered in farms in south-eastern Nepal. After an outbreak of bird flu was discovered there on Friday (Jan 16). The sale and consumption of poultry has been badly hit since the outbreak, the country's first of the H5N1 strain. Thirteen small rapid response teams, each including a doctor, have been pressed into action in Jhapa, in the country's south-eastern corner. India has confirmed an outbreak in its neighboring Sikkim state. No matter what the conditions Kathmanduties have completed boycott chickens and its products from their diet where poultry business is immensely suffering the consequences of rumors.

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Life sucks to people who try to work it, but for people who live life in a more materialistic way, it’s more of an eased paradigm. Likewise, for people who believe in themselves, life’s definition is more practical and vivid as they follow their instincts and go to the verge of testing their limitations.
So what is life and what is its emancipation? Ha-ha, if I had the answer, I would probably be the first person to adapt that in my life and work my life toward the endless journey of happiness. Seriously, jokes apart, as I have heard it in a movie, life is what u wants or what u desire?

wow!! That really sound something but it’s more controversial in terms of adaptation and generalization.
But just adapting that people who think life is easy; it just makes its ways to access itself in an easy way, where as for people who think life is hard is just a normal way of understanding where majority of people see themselves in reconciliating their perception and vision from a laymen‘s view.
For e.g. I heard somewhere that life is like a big punch which tries to knock you down; the question here is not about whether it can knock u or not, the question here is about taking the punch and getting up, slaying that effort in vain to get the next punch . So the summary is, it’s not about how hard life is or how hard it can be?
It’s always about how hard you can put in, no matter what the situation or conditions are.
Life is all about the glory of fighting and that spirit where u stands up and take the lead to fulfill your commitments and responsibilities. Synchronizing that in real life might sound too philosophical and out of this world but just look into your life and see whether you have taken a lead or not and just ask yourself whether you have taken stand for anything. Then you would realize life is something that starts inside you and no matter how hard you try to run it , in fact reality is it runs you among your emotions, feelings and needs. So expecting something from life is more stagnant then appreciating life with the aura of its practicability within the concept of knowing what life is and how life runs?

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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