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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Life sucks to people who try to work it, but for people who live life in a more materialistic way, it’s more of an eased paradigm. Likewise, for people who believe in themselves, life’s definition is more practical and vivid as they follow their instincts and go to the verge of testing their limitations.
So what is life and what is its emancipation? Ha-ha, if I had the answer, I would probably be the first person to adapt that in my life and work my life toward the endless journey of happiness. Seriously, jokes apart, as I have heard it in a movie, life is what u wants or what u desire?

wow!! That really sound something but it’s more controversial in terms of adaptation and generalization.
But just adapting that people who think life is easy; it just makes its ways to access itself in an easy way, where as for people who think life is hard is just a normal way of understanding where majority of people see themselves in reconciliating their perception and vision from a laymen‘s view.
For e.g. I heard somewhere that life is like a big punch which tries to knock you down; the question here is not about whether it can knock u or not, the question here is about taking the punch and getting up, slaying that effort in vain to get the next punch . So the summary is, it’s not about how hard life is or how hard it can be?
It’s always about how hard you can put in, no matter what the situation or conditions are.
Life is all about the glory of fighting and that spirit where u stands up and take the lead to fulfill your commitments and responsibilities. Synchronizing that in real life might sound too philosophical and out of this world but just look into your life and see whether you have taken a lead or not and just ask yourself whether you have taken stand for anything. Then you would realize life is something that starts inside you and no matter how hard you try to run it , in fact reality is it runs you among your emotions, feelings and needs. So expecting something from life is more stagnant then appreciating life with the aura of its practicability within the concept of knowing what life is and how life runs?

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi


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