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Monday, December 24, 2012

Nepal's political behavior and leaders sucks

It is UNFAIR that the whole Kathmandu has to suffer for the security of one man. There is a good traffic jam in Kathmandu  area inside the ring road just because the POLICE are diverting the roads to clear the traffic. As the upparastapati is coming through the Tribhuvan International Airport road. how logical is it just for the security of one man the whole Kathmandu has to suffer. It is insane the way these political leaders think. They are not the king or they have not done something proud that they should be given such levels of honor that the roads would be clear just for the sake of their passing by. They are the so called "Nokkar" public servants who are suppose to be credible toward the public and instead of that they create problems for us. Who gives a shit to them who respects them I would care for a taxi driver who earns his life by hard work then for a political leader who  makes the roads clear just for the sake and of security. Hypocrisy also has its limits  Nepal's leaders have crossed every limits.................................       

When will we grow, just for the sake of one man the whole Kathmandu has to SUFFER .................

Murdabad murdabad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New age facebook entrepreneurship

It might sound eccentric that facebook has established itself as one of the most effective ways of business here in Nepal. From Big brand to news channels everybody is entertaining their fans with activities on facebook, to be precise it has taken a form of a religion where people love to express and be themselves. Similarly, from fashion accessories to vegetables to shoes you get everything online in Nepal. It works with pay on delivery mechanism where people are happy doing shopping online in facebook rather than retailing it in outlets.

Pravesh shestha, a normal surfer said, " why waste time goigng to shop when everything is avilable online, you know its the 21 centuray and we have to be updated ."

Most of these business run on the basis of client to client service where the product’s photo is uploaded at first and the interested clients books it and messages their number and contact address. Within a stipulated time the delivery is done.
This method is getting popular as the goods listed are very low cost as compared to the market that too with the facilities of home delivery. Another attraction is the free delivery option which most of these businesses opt for where the clients are happy to save money and time.

According to recent data’s from socialbaker.com, there are 9,25,100 Facebook users in the Nepal, which makes the position of 67 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country. Facebook penetration in Nepal is 6.65% compared to the country's population and 81.03% in relation to number of Internet users. The total number of FB users in Nepal is reaching 9,25,100 and grew by more than 4,65,720 in the last 6 months.

Sazeena Karki owner of 
Sattva-the stylebook says, “It’s all about the service and quality. People like our products and they order. We give them the option to surf around fashionable goods and to satisfy their  interest  they make sure the goods are fine during the delivery. It’s more like people are  online in facebook 24/7 and they like to use their time doing something meaningful. Shopping that too saving money is worth spending your time. Personally, I would suggest people to shop online as there is less operating cost so the goods are cheaper. You can be fully assured that goods sold are of good quality and standard. After all it’s the quality and standard that matters.”  

Over the past several years, Facebook ads have gone from being a new notion to representing the largest market share of online display ads. eMarketer recently published a report projecting worldwide social network ad revenues to grow by the billions. Over a four year period from 2011-2014, social network advertising is expected to grow from a $5.2 billion industry to a $11.87 billion industry. Of the projected $7.72 billion of social network ad revenues, 47% is anticipated to come from the United States. Facebook is expected to account for 68% of this revenue. That translates to an expected $2.47 billion of ad revenue generated purely from Facebook in the United States. From there, Facebook’s ad revenue in the United States is expected to increase to $3.31 billion in 2013 and $3.75 billion in 2014.
You might be amazed with this innovative idea but it’s true. It’s happening here in Nepal.  Just by using an email account one can start a business with a facebook fan page and you have customers from all over the world. The dynamics of internet makes it feasible to reach any part of the world. Internet for everyone is possible with young entrepreneurs emerging to find new opportunities where it’s practical and a viable method of new age entrepreneurship. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

A steady shot for photographers NIKON VS CANON

There is a huge confusion especially for armature photographer to know what to choose, NIKON or CANON. The people who use NIKON say NIKON is the best and the People who use CANON say CANON is the best. Moreover, there is a good discussion that can take place but there are certainly technical things that an amateur photographer should think before buying a DSLR Camera.
1.       The cost
2.       Flexibility
3.       Lens option
4.       Picture quality

No matter how expensive camera you buy the only thing that matters is your creativity that makes a picture then too what camera you use.

Looking at the technical aspect you just have to learn how to adjust the ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed   

Aperture is ‘the size of the opening in the lens when a picture is taken
Shutter speed is the length of time that your image sensor ‘sees’ the scene you’re attempting to capture.
ISO (or ASA) was the indication of how sensitive a film was to light.

Okay so you want buy a camera CANON or NIKON ?
CANON - if you are an outdoor person and you want more lens option then it’s CANON. Most of the professionals use CANON because they have a wide variety of lenses available that is cheap and you will get more mega pixel. NIKON on the other hand has less option with very expensive in terms of lens but the quality is Good superior. The basic difference in between CANON and NIKON is the sensor inside; Nikon has a bigger sensor than Canon. Though canon has a brighter picture quality and bigger mega pixel but Nikon certainly holds its trump card with quality of picture in darkness, the detailing and contrast is phenomenal

so if you are buying a camera just think before you buy because it matters for who you are and what you want to click. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love my country but I have no respect for my Prime minister

Yesterday I was stuck in a Traffic Jam at Putalisadak. The road was jammed because our so call his Excellency Prime Minister BABURAM was passing by. There was a big traffic jam and due to this  an AMBULANCE was stuck in the jam. The traffic Police had blocked the road for nearly 20 minutes where the AMBULANCE was making a big noise which the traffic POLICE could hear. But since the so called his EXCELLENCY PM was passing, the  road was pre-blocked 15 minutes before he passed. The Traffic police was signaling the ambulance but due to the jam there was no way for it to pass.
How relevant is it to block the road just for the security of one man when someone, a normal person’s life is in danger. what is the Priority a  JANATA's life or the security of the so call prime minister, What a joke?
A normal person's life stands  nowhere in the eyes of the traffic police  and the country but this is reality.  We live in the so called LOKTANTRA (People's Democracy) my foot. I seriously want to question this why is that during the king's regime we opposed this and the same leaders who supported and accused the king then are now doing it.
Do they think that political leaders have special powers that they can say and do anything or do they think they are superior beings that they have the rights to do anything. But I say it's us the normal public who are so limited by the fact that we don't even dare and want to say it because we are so busy with our lives and problems that we ignore it, "के गर्ने नेपालमा यस्तै हो " .  When something wrong happens it should be reported and said that's why we have CONSTITUTION  and LAW. A wrong is a wrong no matter who does it or to whom  it is related with.  We have the CONSTITUTION which is above all and their its written everyone  is equal and same but where is equality and where is the bloody LOKTANTRA.
I do not understand big words Mr. Prime Minster. I'm the janata and I want my respect and dignity which you have to give me because you work for me not for your party not for your family.
I pay tax and I have every right to say..............................
मलाई मेरो देशसँग धेरैनै माया छ, तर मेरो प्रधानमन्त्रीको इज्जत लाग्दैन   ।

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tax system in Nepal highly questionable

Mangshir 1 has been declared as a national Tax day in Nepal. From early morning people dressed up in black suits were seen shouting “pay your tax”. It looked as if the government was desperately trying to show its presence in the streets in regards to the normal practice of so call “CREDIBILITY”.
With rigid and tight policies, the government is very contradictory in its operations of regulating tax issue to the Public. Despite the difference in between the normal public and the business sector the police are more lenient and facilitating towards for the big players.

For instance, if you go to open a formal company or organization in Nepal, it’s just the lawyer charge and a minimum revenue tax of Nrs 2000 depending upon the type and capital of your organization. But when you try to close the same organization, then there are so many complications that you cannot even imagine. It’s like a nightmare that keeps you haunting like hell and you don’t even want to imagine.
A year back I had registered a company/ organization with the PVT Ltd, I had the will and zeal to do something and was very inspired.

Being taxation and a commerce student, I also had some insights on company details but after a year when I initiated the closure process I was shocked to know it demanded a huge amount of money that started from Nrs 15,000 plus.

Its pretty shocking how our government works may be to some extent, we all can understand the need and pressure to make the polices tight but regardless of that the complication in closure pressure is hugely contradictory in every possible means. The government’s roles and objective seems pretty narrowed down to the extent of just collecting the tax money. In-fact a possible role of the government should be towards making the public or citizens responsible towards the system in every aspect of making the tax system vigilant, transparent and easy where the role of the government is just limited towards revenue generation only.

I believe simplification in the taxation procedure is a need. We the citizens of Nepal pay taxes in everything thing from the garbage and sewage we discard to the water we drink and still the government has such rigid policies that diverts us from not being liable to the tax system. It is not about the punishment or paying it’s about being RESPONSIBLE and how you make yourself visible in the society, where it lacks its efforts.

Whether you talk about VAT or Service charge, the normal public has to suffer regardless of any type of services and facilities available. Why should I be liable to the tax system that is very rigid to the public? Why can’t the policy makers understand that tax payers are the most important part of the economy and when they are limited within the polices of the paying tax the credibility fades  

Why should I pay the tax if I don’t feel secure while walking in the road?
Why should I pay the tax when the road of the PM office is top notch and the road in front of my house is bad?
Why should I pay tax when I being a citizen have to stand in line and any other man with power could easily bypass  me using his power? 

Civilian supremacy is the need and right of every citizen in any democratic practice where a citizen should feel responsible not liable but with rigid policies and monopoly for a definite sector and people, Nepal’s tax policies make  us feel liable and we fail to realize this as our responsibility…………………….. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Parking a huge problem in Kathmandu during festival season

The KMC and traffic police lack of management results in a chaos during festival season. Due to lack of proper management of street Vendors and Parking space, every year during the festival months Newroad is crowded with people.

As the festival of Tihar started from today, street vendors have come out to streets making the roads narrow. Traffic was completely halted where the parking space on the side of road worsen the scenario.
One can just imagine the road  being narrowed by the parking space and adding more fury the street vendors                  creating a chaos. Every year the same thing repeats again and again, every year  during the festival season due to lack of management by the KMC and Traffic police normal public are bound to suffer the consequences.    

Friday, November 9, 2012

NRB SUCKS big time

Why is it so hard for a citizen to live? What is our mistake that our government keeps a blind eye towards the normal general public? Why is every time a tax payer is ignored in Nepal…?

It SUCKs big time when we the public pay taxes in everything and we are deprived and marginalized in basic facilities like education, livable commodities, services.

The government of Nepal SUCKs big time and Nepal Rastra Bank being the regulatory body is inefficient.

These days if you have to open an account do you know that you have to provide your details and your parents (mother +Father) plus your Grandparents (both) citizenship number and date of birth. What the F@############## !!!!!!!!!!
And to make matter worst you have provide your financial details about your transactions. Like how much cash you will be receiving or transacting in a month? What would be your mode of transaction? From where will you be receiving it?


Just for the sake of NRB trying to regulate the Commercial banks or hide its incompetency, why should I a normal citizen suffer?

Big political leaders having billions of rupees and black listed entrepreneurs walking the streets with heading their heads high is not a problem for the NRB or CIAA and I being a normal citizen of Nepal paying lawfully tax in everything have to provide my financial details and my parents citizenship info.

THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Women Harassment in public is a question..........

3rd November 2012, Saturdays I saw few girls holding a rally in awareness of fighting against sexual harassment in Tripureshwar. I was happy as well as surprised. Happy because these girls were standing up for their rights and surprised because why isn't the government noticing this. Am I being too negative or loud about the issue? I guess being a man I cannot even imagine the effects of harassment but one can seriously look into consequence and past practice where people have committed suicide.
Right now when we are receiving billions of dollars in the name of Women empowerment and leadership how effective is it for the girls at grassroots level to feel in such a way. Isn't it a joke that we are trying to cater leadership in a society where a girl fails to identify herself.  What empowerment and leadership are we talking about when she can’t even move around freely ?

Someone giving a straight look at her making her feel uncomfortable, or someone trying to touch her but unnecessarily or someone offending her uselessly, what more bad could happen. A girl has to live her life in trauma and limitation of WHAT NEXT? This is not just a story but it is the story of all women and why nothing is being done is my  QUESTION?

The Drinking and drive campaign by traffic police proves that the government can do anything so just like that why can’t they make it instant actions to be taken for women harassment perpetrator. Don’t we have the infrastructure? Or people to deal with the situation? I guess its common sense; even the 100 can be used to report the harassment case and instance actions would reduce such activities. I believe if this thing was enforced women would feel independent and she could travel and move around with ease and that would be an achievement…… 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Why you should not travel to Nepal?

A small country with the explosion of color and taste, Nepal may seem lousy for those who are laid back but for the wild riders, Nepal has everything to offer. It is an exciting roller coaster that offers pictorial cascade highlighting the brink of its serene natural beauty to its rawness and rigid terrain. With high dangerous grounds and climates dropping down below zero degree, might sound uneasy to the normal ears but for adventure seekers it’s a life time experience. It’s not a way of life for the fate hearted but for those who like to push themselves to the edges, everyday is a new experience and exploration. Orchestrating the rich colors of tradition and culture to the advent of adventure sports like bungee, paragliding, canyoning, zip line etc to the world highest and deepest, you name it’s here.
Expiring the quotes of travel map, the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets may seem chaotic and the uprising concrete jungle may look un-managed. But within the stench it hides the ancient cities that embrace the temples where history speaks the language and people live their tradition. Every day the morning starts with a colorful bliss of the bells where people indulge themselves to the different festivity and rituals of colors. Frankly speaking it is a dramatic situation where people consolidate their presence in tradition and culture. With the Tradition of the living goddess KUMARI to the craftsmanship of Patan and Bhaktapur to the spicy food, it just makes you feel nostalgic in every essence of the happenings where you cannot find this experience anywhere else in earth.
However, the gentle hands greeting with respect and the sense of enthusiasm may not be familiar but the welcoming smiles makes you feel at home. From the butter lamps spreading the message of peace to the Mount Everest that stands tall as the world tallest, Nepal is yet another simple destination that holds loads of excitement and adventure.
You may be amazed with the fact that Nepal offers so much but the question still remains why you should not travel here; the only answer that comes up again and again is there is only one Nepal that offers the kaleidoscopic of tradition, culture and adventure, so it hard to resist. It may not offers the best facilities but it offers what the world has not seen…..

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You have to stand for your rights. Just now in Thamel there was a big traffic jam created by the Nepal Traffic Police as they were trying to give way for a private tourist bus ignoring the traffic congestion.

Just becoz the bus belonged to a reputed organization doesn't give it the right to do anything in the middle of the road. The tourist bus was a priority so the whole traffic was blocked and nobody was saying nothing.  

I parked my bike on the road and questioned them why they were doing so the traffic police threatened me of confiscating my license and then i shouted this is wrong and 5 other people came and they said sorry...........

I believe public servants are there to look after the public, they are not private workers. Pubic should be their first priority and then the rest. Once they realize this and give priority to the public only then they will get respect.......

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Artist being questioned for his Freedom of Expression

Art can be a form of expression but when an artist’s questions the beliefs and values in the name of FREEDOM of EXPRESSION then the question of morals and ethics come up front. Likes such one of the artist in Nepal has been threatened of his life for his ultra modern fusion painting of Hindu deities and Super Heroes of the west. Manish Harijan, the painter has been questioned with his art and meanings; he was called upon by the administrative body of the government for a statement against his art exhibition when the Hindu federation started protest against the exhibition. The Siddhartha art gallery where the exhibition was going on has been sealed by the Central District Office. The case came upfront when the artist was directly threatened of being killed for his art work.

Manish Harijan, said, “People have misunderstood my art. With every painting there is a caption symbolizing a certain meaning and if it’s read then you will know the true meaning of the art and I have not made fun of the culture or tradition. I have just tried to express and adapted the art to a newer level or the new generation style. As currently the new generations are overlooking the values and tradition so this was just an effort to bring it in their notice, other than that I have no other objective. ”

According to the Hindu Federation, “This is a mockery of our culture; there is a thin line in between expression and making fun of something. This is ridiculous in comparing our gods and cultural values in the name of modernism. Our culture is our respect and it cannot be made fun of or compared to westernization.”

Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook is not a threat but it’s the way you make yourself vulnerable,

With the growing popularity of social medias and social networking sites, the world is bombarded with sites like facebook, twitter, HI5, my space, google plus and many more. The trend has not only grasped from teenagers but has been seen as an addiction for adults. The platform of social network has grown so much that everything is possible from business to marketing and everything. Likewise, adapting technology, especially for a country like Nepal where there are more than 0.9 million facebook users, a serious question has been raised regarding the use and monitoring mechanism of web space. As the fraud cases and cyber bulling cases are increasing we are lacking behind with tolling number of cyber crime cases.
For instance anyone can log in and create a fake Id and harass anyone. Apart from that we lack technological awareness concept where we fail to recognize the concept and power of technology. I think a heightened program about awareness regarding facebook and its safety measures should be introduced under the computer subject or if possible some sort of interactive program be developed where student would be taught about the vulnerabilities and how to protect themselves.

Facebook is not a threat but it’s the way you make yourself vulnerable, because the next victim could be you.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

JISM-2, A Disaster at its best

JISM-2 is a movie made targeting a certain group of audience, specially the audience of Sunny Leon or her fans; if more than that it’s a complicated movie that takes ball to watch. I’m not joking the promos and advertisements may look hot and sexy but once you sit down there is no entertainment. Even the intimate scenes lack conviction. Loud dialogues and weak characterization pushes the movie towards a boring and hard to understand the movie.

A lover’s hate is the worst of its kind is what has been focused but the twist and turns are so limited that it bores the audience. A porn star trying to act a role of a PROTOGNIST both in real and in the movie sucks. Sunny Leon in her debt makes no use of her skills except for the breathing technique that she uses throughout the movies. Perhaps, she is highly inspired by BABA Ramadev’s breathing technique. The movie flows in all direction giving no clue of the story, you would just feel lousy with the skin and explicit scene moving everywhere and sunny Leon having a feast seems delusional. Having said that one good thing about the movie is the acting of Randip Hudda , who sounds professional and has done justice to his role. But moving on with the scenes his character is also not well defined. The only thing that is highlighted is the skin and scenes of Sunny Leon. IZANA sounds horrible and desperate in her expressions and dialogue delivery.

On the other hand the intelligence office AYAAN in his desperate attempt of love sounds possessive and artificial. Man!!! his role moves on from one end to another ending up with Sunny Leon in her arms.

In every movie, it is said the story demands explicit scenes but this movie is the opposite, the movie make the scenes and that too for SUNNY LEON. Most importantly sunny Leon is questionable from every direction. The detailing in the movie is missing and at times the audience can feel what is being missed? Being a bit reluctant JISM-1 was a way more statically correct than this. No matter what it had rhythm and the story flowed in a direction.

A movie that wasted my money, JISM -2 is a PG porn movie …………………….

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Facebook has been Blocked in Singha Durbar

Kathmandu Nepal: In the central administrative wing of Nepal Government Singha Durbar FACEBOOK has been officially banned. According to sources FACEBOOK was banned with due in consideration from the IT department reasoning more visits and clicks to the website.The social networking site has been seen as a huge threat from office effectiveness and efficiency where employees are seen chatting and wasting their times and resources.

In the past few incidents workers have been caught writing their dissatisfaction in their status update and leaking official information in regards to their professionalism and personal life.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Telecommunication industry in Nepal, a question of options…

Communication and technology has advanced so much that cell phones have become an essential part of our lives. We use cell phones and its services like anything. From the wake up alarm to calculating future forecast-zodiac signs everything is possible with in a press of a button. One thing I’m really amazed of is in this tussle of service and marketing options things have changed but there is no relief to the public. The prices of services have gone up and quality options are there but the clients are bound to suffer in number of ways.

1. You cannot leave your previous number

2. You have to pay extra money

3. You have to face bad services

4. Your complain goes unheard

5. You have to carry more mobile phones

“Reality of today if there is service there is no network and if there is network there is no service,” so where is the STANDARD?

Now getting down to a more practical approach a cell number is not just a number. It’s an identity or it’s who you are? No-matter how easily you may say if you need service then opt for the quality one, then what’s the big fuss, where is standardization?

In-fact the customers are burdened to carry two lines NTC as well as Ncell. As they cannot leave the NTC as it’s their older number and Ncell coz it’s quality. I have seen number of people who carry two phones why because it’s not a choice but it’s a compulsion.

I was shocked and amazed when I saw an advertising saying 1.75 per minutes to US using the 1424 by NTC that’s like super cool. I was so tempted by the advertisement that I even used it number of times and to my satisfaction the service was good. But somewhere in my mind I started to compare it with the existing plans and services that are available. You know calling US was cheaper than calling Nepal than what’s the use? Where is our telecommunication industry moving, the service of calling Kathmandu to Kathmandu is bad and the outbound calls are cheap and good. What a joke…….?

Likewise, another issue is these days private telecommunication companies are more focused towards easy distribution of their connection or expanding their network which to some extent is correct from their point of view but what about the quality and standard, do any of these companies follow any norms. They rarely care about any other thing. They work as money making machine where they focus on loud offers and marketing option which in return comes back to us in the form of higher tariff rates so where the government regulator body and what is it doing…?

One thing I could not understand is why aren’t we getting proper service? The infrastructure is there, the mechanism is there, then where do we lack and what should the public expect…

For instance Ncell has the best quality service but once you make a call the money flows like anything where as if you look at the NTC then they have the cheapest service but relatively the quality is down.

Last time I was using my Ncell calling on the same line for about 2 -3 minutes and walla Nrs 8 gone. I cared less but what about the tariff rates and what is happening around? Hello Ncell to ncell is that expensive god save me. Relatively quality matters but hey in a long run money matters as well. It’s the same company that marketed Ncell to ncell free during its beginning days.

I bet the standardization in telecommunication is a big issue that has been ignored in Nepal, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) the regulatory body of government has been monitoring and controlling the mechanism in a more upper hand way where they manage the bandwidth and bandwidth line but they care less at the public service sector. STANDARIZATION is a more prominent issue that starts from the point of the service generation to the point of its use and impact, but I guess the NTA fails to realize this. At public service level they hold no presence and quality has been subsidized that’s manipulated by companies in their respected ways.

“We need services but with standardization is our demand”

Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Constitution Gives us the right.................

You might be amazed with the fact that it’s hard to get an application registered in Nepal Police METROPOLITAN POLICE - CRIME DIVISION Hanumandhoka. It’s pretty shocking to know that even in the center of Kathmandu something like this is happening. If you have anything like a complaint or any other legal issue and when you go to the police administration for report they fail to recognize your version. I mean to say, they fail to accept your application written by you. They ask you to follow a formatted written application written by the so called “lekhandas” who sits outside the office. The charges for a normal application start from Nrs 100 to 1000 depending upon the case.

What a joke? Even to register a case you have to pay money

Shocking and amazing thing is our constitution gives us the right to write an application but the Nepal Police administration fails to realize this. They want a formatted application from the “lekhandas”
and it doesn’t matter who or what you are but the format matters.

Why should I go to the lekhandas when I’m an educated man and I can write my own application? My constitution gives me the full right to write an application. My question is why……….?

Just imagine being an education man, what would a poor and uneducated man do in this case? It’s completely absurd that for a poor man who has been hammered on with a treachery is asked to pay money to report a case. Is that what we call service and is it fair?

Another shocking thing is, if you write a complaint then the first thing for any application in a government wing is to be registered. But especially in the Nepal Police Administration they do not register the case. They just accept it and fail to give you a registration number.

What can we expect from an administration that fails to realize the importance of service? It’s a small thing but it has a great impact.

“The country is not ruled by big policies but its ruled by empowering public, when the public feels secured and feasible that’s when development starts or else it’s just a matter of numbers and hypocrisy.”

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Prachanda Path-- The joker has one more trick up his sleeve

Recently the Baburam Bhattrai's led government announced that Nepal government would give facilities of car, and security to VIPs. The announcement was hugely condemned and highly criticized from all sectors. In midst of that recently prominent leaders like Ram Chandra Poudel of Nepali Congress, Madhav Kumar Nepal of Unified Marxist-Leninist (UML) Party and Jhalnath Khanal of the same party returned their vehicles to the government. Their move came in action in support of the huge criticism from the public and other sectors but the most shocking and amazing thing is even Mr Pupa Kamal Dahal the Supremo of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) also returned his Toyota Parado to the government. It is completely illogical and absurd why he submitted his government facility.

In one hand the Baburam led Maoist party declares the facilities and services where as on the other hand the same party's Chairman returns the vehicle to the government.

What should the public think, is it another politics or should we assume that there is a new plot written to divert the attention of the public ?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Corruption at its best

A week back, the world was shocked by the scam and corruption charges of Mohamed bin Hammam, Chief of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). His audit report showed embezzlement of hundreds of millions of dollars from the AFC official bank account where the name of All Nepal Football Association (ANFA )President Ganesh Thapa was also mixed with the scam.

The most intriguing thing is having all the proof nothing has been done to ANFA President Ganesh Thapa till date.

Associated Press directly quotes, “Gaurav Thapa, whose father heads the Nepalese federation, received $100,000 while a Filipino football official Jose Mari Martinez received $60,000 and had $11,226 in hospital expenses paid. Another $50,000 went to an East Timorese football official Francisco Kalbuadi Lay, the audit found.” ANFA president Ganesh Thapa has been charged with misappropriation of funds in the past but was given a free pass by the Nepal government.

With huge allegation and rumors Ganesh Thapa made public a public statement in Avenues Television saying, “ Bin Hammam used to be a close friend, I borrowed the money from him. This was in 2009. The matter was settled in 2010/11.”

What sort of statement is that how can a person give you a loan of USD
100,000 that too on personal basis from an official organizational account. It's not justifiable, you should have considered the consequence, you should have considered the image of Nepalese Football industry. Mr Thapa if you think Nepalese are that dumb then I think you have to reconsider. I believe the CIAA should take the things in matter and start the investigation and if he is found guilty he should be brought by books.

It’s a direct form of corruption which cannot be ignored, the position he holds and his responsibilities are immense to the job and future of FOOTBALL in Nepal

Football in Nepal is related to national pride, how a person with such an image can be related with a field? How can he be given the responsibility of managing the dreams of millions?

How can we trust him to lead the national pride and what can we expect?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its not glam photography its skin photography


This is to the level, I could not stop my self laughing out loud.....LMAO , what is this? A young woman in her desperate attempt to be popular is being pushed to her limitations. Just have a look at this picture, does it look sexy or hot or in any way appealing. The girl herself looks scared that she might tip off.

These days the Nepali Modelling Industry specially the on line is going bazook with showing and highlighting private part of Female Models.

In most of the cases the photographers push them but without the affirmation of the models they cannot do anything. But my question is why are the female models so desperate in taking off their cloths.

Most of the online web portals have these types of pictures that highlights nudity and vulgarity then art or anything. Women look like dairy product showing off their mammary glads and its pathetic. What can on expect from such photographer and models

Looking at these picture I would just say, It's vulgar-vulgar-vulgar. Today Nepal's modelling industry is degrading with such acts where as on the other hand there has been a prominent development as well.

The HIMALAYAN TIMES FASHION WEEK is yet another event that has been promoting and focusing towards grooming new models in a more standard and appealing way. The models are selected in a more rigorous and precises way where they are trained and groomed for more than a month. They are given the adequate training by the professional and most importantly they are well paid through out the session.

On one hand the industry is facing crisis with skin photography where as on the other there is a better option of holding your identity and presence. Now the choice is for the Nepali models who want to be famous, you want to be known as the XXX or the YYY.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nepal Traffic Police Sucks ………………….

I left my house at 9:00 from Paknajol for my office in kalanki within second I reached the Bisnumati Bridge, before that I saw few traffic police checking the blue book and license. It’s very rare that they check all the people passing by but I rarely encounter them as they target the young and naïve riders. Just few minutes away in the bridge the traffic was halted and within seconds it was crowded. Reason a big water tanker in the mouth of the bridge could not pass as the traffic from other side was just pouring in. Due to this the other side was completely halted. Seeing this also the traffic police who were there few minutes away checking the blue book and license turned a blind eye. The line grew like anything where the one side traffic was pounding and the other side was completely halted. The situation was so worst that people started shouting at each other. Then an Armed police force security car came in and started to look into the matter but like said they are not the expert, they also tried their best.  We few of the guys got out of our bikes and started to give way for the traffic and the flow were set back to normal. Whose fault is it?  I was bound to think, what is the priority?  To check the blue book and license or to relieve the traffic. The priority is what calls for emergency measures but the traffic police of Nepal fails to realize this they are bound to follow their order. If the PM was coming probably they would clear the road making the public halt but when it comes to the normal public they just know one thing how to give trouble and problem as who are we?

Everyday it’s the same story and every day people are bound to suffer and the department pays a blind eye. Is it the fault of the tax payers who pay taxes and don’t say anything or is it the problems of the civil servant who fail to realize the responsibility toward the public.  
Date: July 18, 2012
Location: Bisnumati Bridge
Time: 9:15 AM

Sunday, July 15, 2012

HIGHWAY - The Nepali movie a Big turn off

The new movie HIGWAY is said to be based on a real story  but how admissible is it for any movie to use the so called Glam factor and to highlight the "sex sells concept" is my concern. It is high time when we all realize and say no to such concepts and a eyes opener for the Nepali Movie Industry  to be more  sharp and diligent about such issues. On contrary, the movie has tried to raise few issues which can be seen in the PROMOs but it also highlights the negative aspect of our society which is harsh and obvious. What can you expect from a movie that caters a woman’s nudity to sell a movie and where are we going?

I think we the young generation should Boycott such movies, it’s not the need of the story it’s the need and mentality of the director. I have seen the song and the way it is picturised is VULGAR. More specifically  putting an item song to make it hot and happening might highlight the need of the story but how palpable is it from a social point of view is my concern ...........

The thing is Loot started the trend of foul language then following that every other movie copied it in the name of commercialization and every other movie has a demand of SEX scenes and nudity. To be precise it has developed as a trend where the weak mentality of producers and directors have made it
a compulsion for easy catch. with such scene and songs people will look into it or else controversies is always there to spread the news.

The question is not here about what social issues the movie raises, the main question here is about the social impact and what message it is giving?

SEX sells is a reality but are we ready to accept this is a fact. We all know this but to its shadows it also has its consequences which needs to be understood and researched. The main heroin  RICHA SHARMA  may look sexy, hot and voluptuous but  she also look VULGAR.

The song may bring in few audiences to the Theaters but what about the IMPACT. Are we giving people the right definition and meaning of cinema……………  

The trend of following the same genre of SEX sells attitude has corrupted the minds of Nepali directors, they can’t think beyond the chollis and bar girls performing.

I think the Nepali directors know how to make and sell movies but Is it a compulsion to put nudity and sex saying its a need...............?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Haven’t I paid the taxes?

It took me 7.5 hrs (0.30 minutes X15 days =7.5 hrs) to learn a car and to drive it in the main way but to acquire a license, it took me more than 3 WEEKS that too staying in lines for number of hours. Our system is very slow in every aspect of its operation and management you just can’t hold your patience or else you just need power or source to make it happen but is it right ?
The so called way of ignoring the tax payers has been prolonging since years and years. Another example of how we have been nailed by the Nepal government is we pay land and house taxes to the KMC. If you know or not we pay double taxes for our land as first time they take the taxes for the land separately and again while paying the taxes for the house the land taxes are included and why is my question?
What can we say, we are the tax payers, the government runs by our money our taxes and we are the once who are being marginalized. Being a tax payer I have every right to know where my money is going but do they give me the right information is highly questionable. Under the rights to information act every citizen has the right to know where his money is going but do they accredit that is highly questionable.
The government is responsible for making roads and other infrastructures but still in every road there are holes. In every service we have to stay in line. But on contrary the road near the PM’s quarter is smooth, PM quarter lines are 24/7, PM gets the security and why not me, haven’t I paid taxes then why does our Nepal government turns a blind eye to me.
Haven’t I paid the taxes?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Doing politics in the name of janjati is wrong…………………….

The true definition of a Janjati(Indigenous) is "jungle tribe living on wild fruits and plant roots, one that is totally cutoff from the development process". This means all the elite PhD and educated people who claim themselves to be janjati is false. It means all the leaders of the so called “janjati” freedom movement who are educated and living in city areas are lying?

In recent practice, we have seen a fight to list all cast and creed to janjati’s list where I never had an idea about the true definition and meaning of a janjati. Now when I have an idea I get a true understanding why the Bahuns and Chhetri wanted to list themselves as Janjatis and to the logic it is admissible.

Most of the elite Clan (caste) of Newars, Magars, Limbus who have been living in the city and using the top notch government facilities and infrastructure are not janjatis neither they can be called that. In true meaning janjati(Indigenous) is a state of living whose habitat is reserved in local state separating themselves from any facilities and development process.

“RAUTE” in a true sense is the example of Janjati(
Indigenous) who have been holding there identity disrespect to any development or influence. There living standard and ways of life has whatsoever no influence in any way from modernization and there recent demand for securing their identity and habitat was in a true an issue of janjati.

According to
Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), the definition of Janjati or indigenous people are those who are not listed in below category:
  • First settlers prior to the formation of Gorkha and Nepal state.
  • Dominated group and no representation in state organs
  • Not included in the Hindu cast system.
  • Own language, culture and religion different from the rulers.
  • Listed by Nepalese Government Indigenous Act 2002.
Note: Brahmins, Chhettris and Madeshi Brhamins are not Indigenous people of Nepal.
I was really surprised to see and hear the true meaning of “janjati” let's except the fact that if you are educated and you are living in a city area then how can you list yourself as janjati and why should you…………?
The question that comes up here is who is ready to except reality, the political leaders who are manipulating the name janjatis to play their dirty politics or the big INGos and other diplomatic mission who give opportunities and money in the name of janjatis………..

I believe all cast creed people who are deprived from the facilities are janjati’s but using this as a political agenda and manifesto is wrong.
Doing politics in the name of janjati is wrong…………………….

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nepal Government Murdabad Murdabad !!!!!!!!!

Nepal Government Murdabad Murdabad !!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, night I think the city faced the most gruesome rain ever. Everywhere the cars were stalled and roads were in a state of chaos . Due to lack of management of proper sewage and pin holes the roads flooded like rivers. Car Drivers could not see the holes, motorcycle riders were being splashed by dirty water and it was stinking like hell. If we look at the infrastructure we have separate departments under the Kathmandu Metropolitan City as well as Kathmandu Water Supply Project and every month we pay a certain amount of money with the water bill for SEWAGE MANAGEMENT, so where is our money going and what the fuck are they doing........................?
Adding pressure the current ongoing government's "ROAD EXPANSION" project added fury to the pain. People were driving blind, they had no clue of what was happening. Near Singh Durbar, the strategic operation location of the Government, a car had an accident and the road divider was blocking the road in the middle with no signs of road being blocked. Can you imagine the negligence? What the fuck who care? I nearly had a coalition with the divider. Does anyone care in this country I was in a hell fire situation. Then I called up 100 and told them there was a divider in the middle of the road and he said there was an accident that occur few hours ago and when I asked about what is it doing there, he had no answer.........................

The level of negligence and incompetence shown is just intolerable. Being a tax payer or normal public you have no right. To have rights you need to be powerful or you need to be the Prime Minister of this country so that people will listen to you.

I still think the government has no rights to make the Tax payers suffer like this in the name of development or road expansion or lack of negligence. It's their duty to manage the roads and if they can't then they don't have the right to make the roads un-managed like this .............

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photographer's TIP of the DAY

Just by having a voluptuous body and showing off your Private body parts and SKIN doesn't makes you are SEXY. With such acts you may look Vulgar but not SEXY. SEXINESS is not about showing your cleavage or boobies or skin. It's about being yourself showing your personality and character and attitude. A model in a true definition is someone who is extraordinary in different aspect of how she present herself. It doesn't mean you are too easy to look at showing off your private part or SKIN. Doing such you are being vulnerable to externalities of EXPLOITATION and SEXUAL ABUSE. You have the right to hold your choice.

Binita baral one of the leading actress said in one of her interviews, "I don't want to be tagged like this, I want to be known as an actress. "

Her first movie "CHAPALI HEIGHTS" was a sexual psychological thriller where the movie topped the charts with the cost of its image being labeled too sexual by the critics. Similarly, another leading actress Sushma karki said, " I don't want an image of a item girl, I want to
be Bidhya Balan of nepali movie industry."

As most of today's adds, movies and pics features models showing off their skin then the product the definition of SEX sell concept  has adapted the new form of SKIN sells but is its right? Are the so called leading actors willing to hold their image ? Is my QUESTION?

Few years back I wrote an article on Nepal's modelling industry where one of the most reputed model said, " It's very hard to survive but it's your will to draw that line whether you wanna be the types with an image or a more easy way of getting popular.It's your choice its not that the industry is corrupted but its your will. The INDUSTRY is not that corrupted but it's the easy way out of getting popular and getting famous faster than to survival. SURVIVAL is merely an excuse."
MODELLING doesn't mean extensively showing your private parts and attracting men, its about true beauty and how you carry yourself in terms of attitude/colors/presence/ attire/persona.

NOTE: This tip is not in regards to GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY

DISCLAIMER: The above information is not directed to anyone, its the users personal views and if it matches any description it will just be a coincidence not intentional....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baburam said NO

Mr. Bhattrai said NO to the Political Alliance or a Political Coalition Government why......?
1. Coz he knows that his party is not the STRONGEST AND BIGGEST
2. He does not want let go of his CHAIR and POWER
3. He think he can MANIPULATE the ELECTION if he is in POWER
4. He is not a LEADER but a FOLLOWER of PRACHANDA
5. He doesn't DESERVE to be a POLITICIAN of NEPAL
6. His party's selfish motive comes FIRST than the COUNTRY

There are Thousands



Monday, June 25, 2012

Being listed as Shahid has no meaning

This guy is some "SHAHID" whose stamp has been been published. Today I noticed him on my application form, I was surprised to see him as a National Martyr. Since the the value of the stamp was Npr 10, I thought he must be someone special but to ground reality I fail to recognize him in anyway. I hardly have seen him and being a journalist and a citizen of Nepal and not to recognize someone who did something for the country was a shame for me. But on contrary I don't know if he is GENUINE or not but he does not look familiar. Our Nepal government announces Martyrs every now and then. Announcing SHAHID is a political issue where anyone who dies and related to politics or any other social standing will be announced as a SHAHID. The question and value of a true SHAHID is lost and in such scenario the name and image of SHAHID has been redefined to the flexibility and feasibility of politics.

The true spirit and fire of doing something for the country has been shadowed, SHAHID has just been a word where you can see one in every locality with no substance and lack of meaning................

Our society is practicing the image of power and corrupted politics where due to lack of political culture there is no substance in anything. Even to be listed as SHAHID no meaning as you never know where your name will be listed with a murderer or corrupted person.

Hypocrisy at its best, Baburam the new King

We took one king out saying that orthodox views and blocking roads was not right but now there are many KINGS. Today during the return of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattrai the whole traffic system was halted for more than 15 minutes just to give way for him. How appropriate is it for him to do such a thing when he was against it previously. May be it's a Nepali political culture that says when your not in power you should oppose and when you get the power, you can do anything. I think this is to the level that none of the Nepali political leaders are responsible they say one-thing and do another, it has been a usual practice. They don't even stand up for the values and words that they speak. I believe being a leader you have greater responsibility of being an idol and proving to stand against your words but at the end of the day I'm disappointed to look at such acts of hypocrisy and leaders pretending different Image. Nepal's politics is corrupted and its always about POWER and POSITION that matters but reality of today everything that goes up has to come down and its not always a sunny day when your day comes down so its better to have some good reasons to stand against than to be a hypocrite...

Saturday, June 23, 2012


According to the Office of the Controller of Examinations, this this year’s School Leaving Certificate examination was passed by 47.16 percent depleting from 55.50 per cent last year.This year Around 45 % students passed the SLC in regular segment. A total of 912 passed in distinction and 3,197 in first division. I was really surprised to see this add in THT today saying we have 95% distinction in total, 75 students’ distinction and 4 first division.

Where is our Education Standard Going?

One school in the pool of hundreds scores 100% percent results and the rest they don’t have a standard. I think if that is the case the regulatory body that looks into such standards should look into this matter. I think it is very hard to understand looking at such trend. As our government says education is the right of every child and citizen but what about the quality and standard. Are we giving them the right education, it’s high time for us to evaluate




Monday, June 18, 2012

Hypocrisy at its best, Climate Change an issue of Political Image

The Prime minister of Nepal Baburam Bhattrai is planning to leave for the trip to Rio de Janerio on Monday to address the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development of Rio+20 from June 20-22. The government made the decision on May 29 after the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly where PM Bhattarai is expected to lead a 21-member delegation for the Rio+20 summit.

Similarly looking back to history in COP 15 2008, when Prime Minister Baburam Bhattrai attended the conference he opined,” Climate change and sustainable development as an ‘anti-development agenda’ and ‘imperialist propaganda. He expressed his staunch belief that Nepal needed to be fully industrialized at all cost and work on its economic growth rather than focus on ‘environment issues’ that hindered economic growth.”

With high controversy and interest surrounding the issue of global warming and climate change, it has become a huge interest for political leaders not in regards to issue but with the question of international exposure and recognition. It may seems a question of incompetence but the head of the state who lack to understand the issues, represent the country on forecasting and bargaining the deal for climate change issue and agendas is a joke. May be that is the reason why we get the least of what is offered on table. The go green campaign has become a political agenda in synchronizing and interpreting its meaning questioning the relevancy and effectiveness of the whole visit and barging at the international table. Anyone can imagine the state of mind and result with such intellectual capabilities as ultimately it comes down to the person leading the team, so what to expect with leaders, who lack to understand the potency of such summit.

Likewise, opposition parties and Nepali congress activists have announced that they will show black flags and prevent the PM from going to the summit. In September 2010, then Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal had called off his trip to New York to take part in the 65th UN General Assembly owing to his caretaker status and domestic political. Climate change issue has been a political issue of substance which more or less stands for international recognition and exposure.

Due to lack of political culture and weak ethics, Nepal politics fluctuation with cheap publicity stunts and marketing strategies that are least effective questioning the image and vision of a leader. A leader who in true sense would lead the country towards development with effective policies not political agenda's

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