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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are Men more superior than Women

SUPERIORITY, the word whenever is used gives a different sense of domination and rules with a force. The survival of human beings today highlights their SUPERIORITY over nature and time. Moreover their efforts and aspirations certainly focuses on the cliché of a static growth and development of their struggle and hardship.

In this context when I define SUPERIORITY in our current scenario then most of us would think of MALE DOMINATION or MALE SUPREMACY. The sense that hypes SUPERIORITY in men is generally due to their physical or metabolic structure. But regardless of that, whenever SUPERIORITY has been called upon in a discussion the ruling party has always won not by being gender bias but due to of their brain capacity and logic in support of the vulnerable and weak.

Are Men superior to Women?

It’s just not that all the men they have a dominance capacity? Or god has granted a special blessing to men and has cursed women, rubbish is the ideology that supports the orthodox mentality.

Its absurd to think men are superior to women just by their metabolic structure except for that women have everything equal than their counter part. Frankly if you ask me, I would say both of them are equal depending upon their brain capacity and logic.

The whole issues of male domination and male SUPERIORITY is a psychological problem that we still have in our society, as we were taught from our childhood that men are more superior and dominant which prolongs in developing a cluster phobic psychology of a feministic question. It creates a vacuum that never lets her go out of it; in fact it traps her and kills her confidence and eagerness.

It’s just the sense which is backed by the belief of a weak mentality who tend to pass on their distorted beliefs and saying from generation to generation while giving it the name of culture and tradition. This kind of stigma in the name of culture is worsening the scenario of creating a weak women presence in our society. As the women of 21st century are equipped with high and good skills, they can and have the ability to do anything. Apart from that looking at her image from the mythological aspect also women represent KALI or DURGA the form of SHAKTI who can defy her meaning.

In this chase of SUPERIORITY the example of the rabbit and the tortoise is a perfect story that not only highlights the SUPERIORITY of rabbit as being the fastest runner against the slow tortoise but shows the perseverance of the tortoise . So from this small vintage story I am not trying to say that men are the rabbit and women are the tortoise but the point is who ever uses his or her brain wins the game of life. The question of vitality and presence is more important than some distorted or orthodox belief of saying men are superior. Reality is women are not just capable but they are the leaders of the 21st century making and gaining prospects and opportunities.

More often if you look at their, life span they do everything from being a mother to sister to friend both before and after marriage but men they just play a definite role, the dominant. We are always backed up by our counter parts in different forms to say we are men, where as women are always independent and self sustained.

So when I say women have lets men to dominate then I would not be false but on the same side it would be a understatement in a meaningful of saying both of them need each other in every possibility to make life happier . And I believe that’s what matters to be happy than to look or search for definite answers of knowing who is ruling.

If we look back to our history then there are loads of examples which show the capacity and capability of women being an effective leader which shows their SUPERIORITY. Few of the names that comes to mind in talking about modern women are John of Arc, Florence Nightingale, Madam curie, Jhasi Ki Rani, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Pasang Lamu Sherpa etc. All these women from the history have shown tremendous amount of courage and skills which to this day stands as a symbol of womanhood and their achievement acts as the standard.

They were the trend setter of their time where they marked their path with their own skills, and capabilities, simplifying their reality of being a woman, what more can you expect they were normal superior women.

In a country like our's where the economic condition is not good and literacy is not even 50%, it mostly targets women group in depriving from their basic rights. It has created a psychological depression of not being independent and not having education. So to overcome this problem a heightened program should be started to reach each and every women of the country. The key to overcome the problem is education, in fact the woman of 21st century does not describe of individual persona or outer look but she describes her freedom of mind and her independence. She should know her rights than to know about anything else.

Though today gender equalization has been a hot topic of discussion but still whenever it comes on practice it always sidelines the main issue of WOMEN IDENTITY and her rights of knowing it. Weakness to some extent can be reasoned as the men domination where everyone is ready to focus towards problem but we fail to realize the solution that WOMEN need their IDENTITY . when we fail to realize her rights then she fails to identify herself. Then She fails to realize who is she and her presence.


AB said...

Women have strengths that amazes men,she has the talent to handle every problem with the words of love rather than violence,she smiles even when she feels like crying and cries in the victory of her family she fights for the truth and gives herself so her family can thrive,she endures pain but never expresses it...will a man be able to give himself for the happiness of others like a woman do??.....the only reason why men call themselves superior is because a woman fails to stand against injustice and forgets what she is worth...

Shreedeep Rayamajhi said...

That is so true !!!!!!!
A woman is what she hides than to What she shows?
Her vulnerability is her strength where she embraces love and affection to make a man feel a man in every possible way..............



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