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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who is right is the question and we Nepalese are bound to suffer the consequence

Kathmandu Jan 25: The city came to a dead stop with the students union “SHUT DOWN PROGRAM”. From early morning most of the shops and markets were closed and it was reported that the protestors had forced the shops and markets to close at different locations. The protestors were seen active in and around government colleges.

The security personals were seen high on alert where till date no casualty or confrontation has been reported. On Wednesday´s evening the agitator also conducted a bike rally just to spread the news. The protesters have made it clear that they would not sit for talks with the government unless the price hike decision is considered. They have also threatened to launch a nationwide program if their issues are not addressed.

“The students union of the 13 political parties had issued a 24-hour ultimatum starting 10 am Thursday to reconsider the current price hike in petroleum products and to facilitate the poor and needy with the necessary relief, but since the government didn’t addressed their issue, we are protesting,”said one of the protesters.

“we’ve been voicing for the uniform system to check and balance the prices of petroleum product. The recent price hike on petroleum products have certainly made it clear that the Government making a unanimous decision is not admissible,” added he

In a current state when the country is going through tough political crisis and political parties lacking understand, such acts has created a bad image of the political culture. The voices of the student union may or may not sound valid but it certainly question the weak political behavior and practice that we Nepalese are bound to suffer where the top political leaders and parties make the decision and on the same their youth organization do shutdown program against their own affiliation.

Who is right is the question and we Nepalese are bound to suffer the consequence ………….


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