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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bomb Explosion Kills 3 in Nepal

Kathmandu, Feb 27: A bomb explosion has killed 3 people and left many injured at the head office of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) Babarmahal . The explosion happened in the midday afternoon during which there was a high number of commutation of people around the area. The deceased included a woman, and a child who died on the spot and a victim who died on the table of Bir hospital. Among others injured included Som Bahadur Tamang, Raghunath Khadka, Bishnu Prasad, Rana Bahadur Tamang, Man Bahadur Kunwar, who are being treated at Bir Hospital. They were rushed to Bir Hospital for treatment after the ordeal. Security has been tightened in and around the area. According to sources Samyukta Jatiya Morcha, an armed outfit, has claimed the responsibility for the blast which is reasoned against the current Petroleum crisis and price hike.

Ramesh yadav, an eye witness said, “It happened in seconds, I was on the opposite side and within a blink of an eye things were out of control. I heard a loud sound and suddenly say people shouting when I approached the scene, it was bloody. It was inhuman to do something like that no matter what?”

The explosion took place near Singh Durbar the administrative secretariat of the government. Nepal is again being victimized of terror and corruption in the name of politics where what next is the only option that the people have.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Musical concert dedicated to raise awareness against power cut in Nepal

Kathmandu Nepal: Kathmanduties rocked for a cause, with the theme of “Get out of Facebook on to the ground” People throng in for a cause of NO ELECTRICITY. It is high time since the past 5 years that people have been suffering high level of power cuts from 18 to 20 hrs every day. The government has been silent about the issue which stands live example of high corruption and carelessness shown toward

s public policy in Nepal. Nepal stands as the second largest country in white waters but still due to bad political situation and high corruption things have been worsening. People are directly affected in their daily lives and business where there is no option or alternative. “We can’t work, we ca

n’t sit ideally, I don’t know what the government is thinking or doing? Using generator and other alternatives is too expensive, the government has to come up with a solution. I really don’t know what they are doing?” Kamran Shrestha a young Entrepreneur voiced.

“If you look at the records then most of the streams and rivers have been booked for hydro power. The so called investors, they take the license and

wait for years paying a nominal amount of taxes to the government and the government in the name of lack of management waits and watches. What a worst situation” said Nirupam Dhoj Karki an activist

According to the organizer, “It is a simple effort to raise awareness regarding the current situation we have been silent from past 5 years, what did they do? It is high time that the public ask few questions and we are doing that as we have the rights?”

Different popular band like Abhaya and the Steam injuns, Tripitak, Anuprastha, Albatross band also performed in raising awareness.

With the high time and high rates of power cut, few of the facebook activists and rock stars came in action to raise the issue of power shortage. The concert “Let there be Light” was organized by a L.A.M.P.S which aim to raise awareness regarding the short cry of power.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Job Opportunities abroad has threats of women trafficking and slavery

HUMAN SLAVERY and TRAFFICKING has been an issue around the globe. Even worst for the developing and underdeveloped countries where they have been trying to find a viable solution. No matter how hard they try their weak economic crisis makes them vulnerable to such externalities. It has been a huge question of identity for the women of the underdeveloped countries where its relevancy is abstract to the question of its definition. Nepal has been trying to fight WOMEN TRAFFICKING andSLAVERY in many ways. The definition and means have been changing according to time and situation. The awareness programs are getting intense to deal with the hardcore business where the business is also expanding and adapting new forms among its competition and prospects. Like such talking more about today’s TRAFFICKING and SLAVERYsituation, things have changed. The old scenario of agents have transformed into variables of uncountable people in a network that links thousands of people that cannot be easily calculated. Bate for today’s has been lucrative salary and website that lures women of all over especially underdeveloped countries to earn more in despite attempt to save their financial condition. Willingly or unwillingly women are being TRAFFICKED in the name of MIGRANT WORKERS for the treachery of MODERN DAY SLAVERY.

Under the Foreign Employment act of Nepal, “It is clearly said that any person or agency involved with foreign employment have to be registered under the ministry and has to follow the norms and regulations of the foreign employment act. If not then they will be considered illegal. The company has to follow certain rules and regulation regarding the training, awareness and other aspect of the rights of the worker in safeguarding and protecting the migrant worker in the foreign land.”

In a recent case, around 3000 Nepali migrant women were stopped at Indian airports of New Delhi and Mumbai, who were trying to fly to Saudi Arab. They were stopped as they lacked proper documents and in questionnaire they prove to have no answer regarding their status. The ratio of illegal foreign employment migration has been increasing where it is considered to be 63,000 Nepali women working in Saudi Arabia but the official figure confirms only 2,540. It is clearly stated in the Foreign Employment Act 2007 that flying from a foreign airport for foreign employment without getting foreign employment permit is illegal.
With or without knowledge these women are taken in by a network of agents who land them up in their desired destination with no security and rights. These women are then exploited and harassed both physically and verbally. In most cases they are turned back either when they are dead or in case of pregnancy which makes it evident for their illegal status.

Like such the guardian in its latest coverage, Beirut death of Nepalese migrant worker Lilaquotes, “Lila Aacharya left Nepal hoping to make a better life for her two young daughters. Two months later her body was flown home. Lila's case exposes the toll of HUMAN TRAFFICKING- from her attempt to escape the poverty of her village in the Himalayan foothills to her exploitation and death as a domestic worker in an up market apartment in Beirut.”

The case of woman exploitation and harassment in foreign lands are on high trail especially in the Arab world. The job employment opportunities have evolved as the form of MODERN DAY SLAVERY. Women migrants workers are explicitly exploited sexually, verbally and in most case are killed due to lack of weak labor standards. This is the reality of today that has explored the possibilities of what can turn to one mistake of making the wrong choice and not knowing your rights.

According to Aasha Lama, President of Aasha H4 Foundation, “The government has set up few parameters for the foreign job employment and why we are not following that is a question. Women Trafficking is not a simple issue it’s a social issue which needs to be cooperated from all sides. We at the foundation believe any women migrating abroad without knowing her right and stand is wrong. We say to send people without following the rules and regulations of the government, illegally is a new form of women trafficking and we strongly oppose it. We challenge all the people who have been sending women abroad without following the rules and regulation. They are culprits as when the government has set up the parameters why are we not following it.”

“A woman being sold or exploited aboard is not a question of her disgrace it’s a shame for the whole country which needs to be understood and worked. Being abroad is not easy situation but being aware is a situation that can be worked and controlled,” added she.
To be or not to be is not a question but to make the choice is more vital to make your own will and standing. Foreign Employment opportunities seem as a very lucrative sector for underdeveloped and developing nation but to the extent it is evolving as the legal way ofMODERN DAY SLAVERY and TRAFFICKING. In a country like ours that fights to hold its existence the question of huge revenues earned from foreign employment certainly holds the economy but to its counterpart it also questions cons of this field. Foreign employment opportunity can be a form of huge revenue but on the other side it has also evolved as a form ofHUMAN SLAVERY or HUMAN TRAFFICKING which needs to be studied and researched.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

People are not taking it, there patience is running out

Kathmandu February 02 2012: People have lost their patience regarding the crisis situation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cooking gas. Many confrontations have been seen in various locations from past few days with people trying to fight and get hold of the LPG for their daily household.
Today morning high security was seen near Bishnumati Kalimati junction with the arrival of LPG at the BABA gas distribution center. People rushed in when they saw the gas truck. The crowd gathered so much that immediately police had to be called just to control the situation.

Ram Babu Jha, a local said, “What are we suppose to do there is no petrol, no electricity and no gas. How are we suppose to live this situation? The government is worthless. They can’t even manage this then they should resign. We have to earn our living and without gas and fighting in line how are we suppose to manage. Are we suppose to hold ourselves in line or should we go to our work?”

Few of the people had stopped the road in protest of lack of understanding at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, on Wednesday.

According to sources the LPG shortage is likely to last until February. Currently the supplies of LPG have been at the level of 11,000 tonnes which is fifty percent of the requirement. Looking at the situation Nepal Oil Corporation has added additional 800 tonnes per day from Monday. The current need of the country is 20,000 tonnes LPG monthly where the demand shoots up by 25,000 tonnes in winter.

With high speculations, people are also contradicting the government intention in creating the crisis situation just to sideline the current student protest against the recent price hike in petroleum products. Rumor or not the basic rights of Nepalese have been taken away. People have money but they don’t have the necessary daily commodity, what worst can one imagine then to be helpless?
Or should they follow the line just in hope of getting a gas cylinder or petrol or electricity. The patience of Nepalese is running out looking at the scenario and happening where more or less more confrontations are happening.

The weak governance and lack of management certainly shows the governments lack of interest and weak management where Nepali people are bound to suffer. The government is silent about the issue but the question comes what should the people do? Should they come out on street and protest or should they take out the government that can’t even manage ………………..

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