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Thursday, February 2, 2012

People are not taking it, there patience is running out

Kathmandu February 02 2012: People have lost their patience regarding the crisis situation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cooking gas. Many confrontations have been seen in various locations from past few days with people trying to fight and get hold of the LPG for their daily household.
Today morning high security was seen near Bishnumati Kalimati junction with the arrival of LPG at the BABA gas distribution center. People rushed in when they saw the gas truck. The crowd gathered so much that immediately police had to be called just to control the situation.

Ram Babu Jha, a local said, “What are we suppose to do there is no petrol, no electricity and no gas. How are we suppose to live this situation? The government is worthless. They can’t even manage this then they should resign. We have to earn our living and without gas and fighting in line how are we suppose to manage. Are we suppose to hold ourselves in line or should we go to our work?”

Few of the people had stopped the road in protest of lack of understanding at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, on Wednesday.

According to sources the LPG shortage is likely to last until February. Currently the supplies of LPG have been at the level of 11,000 tonnes which is fifty percent of the requirement. Looking at the situation Nepal Oil Corporation has added additional 800 tonnes per day from Monday. The current need of the country is 20,000 tonnes LPG monthly where the demand shoots up by 25,000 tonnes in winter.

With high speculations, people are also contradicting the government intention in creating the crisis situation just to sideline the current student protest against the recent price hike in petroleum products. Rumor or not the basic rights of Nepalese have been taken away. People have money but they don’t have the necessary daily commodity, what worst can one imagine then to be helpless?
Or should they follow the line just in hope of getting a gas cylinder or petrol or electricity. The patience of Nepalese is running out looking at the scenario and happening where more or less more confrontations are happening.

The weak governance and lack of management certainly shows the governments lack of interest and weak management where Nepali people are bound to suffer. The government is silent about the issue but the question comes what should the people do? Should they come out on street and protest or should they take out the government that can’t even manage ………………..


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