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Monday, March 19, 2012

Nepal Police's Negligence result Suicide of a Woman

Kathmandu 19 March 2012: Bhawani Tamang a 42 year old woman, who was accused of fraud charges was found dead on Sunday afternoon here at the custody of Metropolitan Police Circle, Kalimati.
Tamang who resides from Thakre Dhading currently living in Kuleshwor was survived by four children. She was found hanging in a mysterious way on the ventilation hanger of the toilet of Kalimati Police station. The Kathmandu District Court had remanded her to seven days in custody on fraud charge.

Tamang was charged for fraud of
NRS 21.5 million and 60 tola gold. There are round 40 cases launched in the Kalimati police station against her. On march 4th 2012, she went missing , Police started searching her where her husband Chandra Bahadur launched her missing status. With high pressure from the debtors on March 14, 2012 she was handed over to the police.

According to the Nepal Police, “Tamang was taken in custody for fraud charges as she failed to pay her debt and went missing and stayed out of contact. The police intervened as we received 40 applications against her and we brought her in for investigation. The complainants said they were cheated of around Rs 21.5 million and 60 tola gold. ”

It has been reported that during investigation and arrest of Tamang, they had confiscated a suicide note where she describes her situation and pressure.

The laxity shown by Nepal Police highlights, lack of compassion and ignorance towards the people under investigation. The death of Tamang is mere a scenario of police carelessness and ignorance due to which a weak mental status or mentally sick woman has lost her life.

Now it’s a right time to question who to balm and what measures should be taken inconsideration for such cases not to repeat in safeguarding the right and vulnerability of accused and people under investigation.

Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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