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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photographer's TIP of the DAY

Just by having a voluptuous body and showing off your Private body parts and SKIN doesn't makes you are SEXY. With such acts you may look Vulgar but not SEXY. SEXINESS is not about showing your cleavage or boobies or skin. It's about being yourself showing your personality and character and attitude. A model in a true definition is someone who is extraordinary in different aspect of how she present herself. It doesn't mean you are too easy to look at showing off your private part or SKIN. Doing such you are being vulnerable to externalities of EXPLOITATION and SEXUAL ABUSE. You have the right to hold your choice.

Binita baral one of the leading actress said in one of her interviews, "I don't want to be tagged like this, I want to be known as an actress. "

Her first movie "CHAPALI HEIGHTS" was a sexual psychological thriller where the movie topped the charts with the cost of its image being labeled too sexual by the critics. Similarly, another leading actress Sushma karki said, " I don't want an image of a item girl, I want to
be Bidhya Balan of nepali movie industry."

As most of today's adds, movies and pics features models showing off their skin then the product the definition of SEX sell concept  has adapted the new form of SKIN sells but is its right? Are the so called leading actors willing to hold their image ? Is my QUESTION?

Few years back I wrote an article on Nepal's modelling industry where one of the most reputed model said, " It's very hard to survive but it's your will to draw that line whether you wanna be the types with an image or a more easy way of getting popular.It's your choice its not that the industry is corrupted but its your will. The INDUSTRY is not that corrupted but it's the easy way out of getting popular and getting famous faster than to survival. SURVIVAL is merely an excuse."
MODELLING doesn't mean extensively showing your private parts and attracting men, its about true beauty and how you carry yourself in terms of attitude/colors/presence/ attire/persona.

NOTE: This tip is not in regards to GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY

DISCLAIMER: The above information is not directed to anyone, its the users personal views and if it matches any description it will just be a coincidence not intentional....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baburam said NO

Mr. Bhattrai said NO to the Political Alliance or a Political Coalition Government why......?
1. Coz he knows that his party is not the STRONGEST AND BIGGEST
2. He does not want let go of his CHAIR and POWER
3. He think he can MANIPULATE the ELECTION if he is in POWER
4. He is not a LEADER but a FOLLOWER of PRACHANDA
5. He doesn't DESERVE to be a POLITICIAN of NEPAL
6. His party's selfish motive comes FIRST than the COUNTRY

There are Thousands



Monday, June 25, 2012

Being listed as Shahid has no meaning

This guy is some "SHAHID" whose stamp has been been published. Today I noticed him on my application form, I was surprised to see him as a National Martyr. Since the the value of the stamp was Npr 10, I thought he must be someone special but to ground reality I fail to recognize him in anyway. I hardly have seen him and being a journalist and a citizen of Nepal and not to recognize someone who did something for the country was a shame for me. But on contrary I don't know if he is GENUINE or not but he does not look familiar. Our Nepal government announces Martyrs every now and then. Announcing SHAHID is a political issue where anyone who dies and related to politics or any other social standing will be announced as a SHAHID. The question and value of a true SHAHID is lost and in such scenario the name and image of SHAHID has been redefined to the flexibility and feasibility of politics.

The true spirit and fire of doing something for the country has been shadowed, SHAHID has just been a word where you can see one in every locality with no substance and lack of meaning................

Our society is practicing the image of power and corrupted politics where due to lack of political culture there is no substance in anything. Even to be listed as SHAHID no meaning as you never know where your name will be listed with a murderer or corrupted person.

Hypocrisy at its best, Baburam the new King

We took one king out saying that orthodox views and blocking roads was not right but now there are many KINGS. Today during the return of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattrai the whole traffic system was halted for more than 15 minutes just to give way for him. How appropriate is it for him to do such a thing when he was against it previously. May be it's a Nepali political culture that says when your not in power you should oppose and when you get the power, you can do anything. I think this is to the level that none of the Nepali political leaders are responsible they say one-thing and do another, it has been a usual practice. They don't even stand up for the values and words that they speak. I believe being a leader you have greater responsibility of being an idol and proving to stand against your words but at the end of the day I'm disappointed to look at such acts of hypocrisy and leaders pretending different Image. Nepal's politics is corrupted and its always about POWER and POSITION that matters but reality of today everything that goes up has to come down and its not always a sunny day when your day comes down so its better to have some good reasons to stand against than to be a hypocrite...

Saturday, June 23, 2012


According to the Office of the Controller of Examinations, this this year’s School Leaving Certificate examination was passed by 47.16 percent depleting from 55.50 per cent last year.This year Around 45 % students passed the SLC in regular segment. A total of 912 passed in distinction and 3,197 in first division. I was really surprised to see this add in THT today saying we have 95% distinction in total, 75 students’ distinction and 4 first division.

Where is our Education Standard Going?

One school in the pool of hundreds scores 100% percent results and the rest they don’t have a standard. I think if that is the case the regulatory body that looks into such standards should look into this matter. I think it is very hard to understand looking at such trend. As our government says education is the right of every child and citizen but what about the quality and standard. Are we giving them the right education, it’s high time for us to evaluate




Monday, June 18, 2012

Hypocrisy at its best, Climate Change an issue of Political Image

The Prime minister of Nepal Baburam Bhattrai is planning to leave for the trip to Rio de Janerio on Monday to address the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development of Rio+20 from June 20-22. The government made the decision on May 29 after the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly where PM Bhattarai is expected to lead a 21-member delegation for the Rio+20 summit.

Similarly looking back to history in COP 15 2008, when Prime Minister Baburam Bhattrai attended the conference he opined,” Climate change and sustainable development as an ‘anti-development agenda’ and ‘imperialist propaganda. He expressed his staunch belief that Nepal needed to be fully industrialized at all cost and work on its economic growth rather than focus on ‘environment issues’ that hindered economic growth.”

With high controversy and interest surrounding the issue of global warming and climate change, it has become a huge interest for political leaders not in regards to issue but with the question of international exposure and recognition. It may seems a question of incompetence but the head of the state who lack to understand the issues, represent the country on forecasting and bargaining the deal for climate change issue and agendas is a joke. May be that is the reason why we get the least of what is offered on table. The go green campaign has become a political agenda in synchronizing and interpreting its meaning questioning the relevancy and effectiveness of the whole visit and barging at the international table. Anyone can imagine the state of mind and result with such intellectual capabilities as ultimately it comes down to the person leading the team, so what to expect with leaders, who lack to understand the potency of such summit.

Likewise, opposition parties and Nepali congress activists have announced that they will show black flags and prevent the PM from going to the summit. In September 2010, then Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal had called off his trip to New York to take part in the 65th UN General Assembly owing to his caretaker status and domestic political. Climate change issue has been a political issue of substance which more or less stands for international recognition and exposure.

Due to lack of political culture and weak ethics, Nepal politics fluctuation with cheap publicity stunts and marketing strategies that are least effective questioning the image and vision of a leader. A leader who in true sense would lead the country towards development with effective policies not political agenda's

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ethnic Based Federalism and why ......

People are again back in streets shouting slogans of ethnic based federalism. Perhaps, it has just been weeks in scenario of the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly that was nominated by the people and within weeks political puppets are on streets demanding need of ethnic based federalism. To understand the need of federalism we have to understand the cultural and social state of the country. This country was unified by late king Prithivi Narayan Shaha who by his visionary leadership and strategies created NEPAL and it is his contribution that we have this country. Thousands of Nepalis have contributed their blood and sweat to hold its unity where today it’s on the verge of loosing its identity. Ethnic Federalism for who and why is my question to all. Don't we have enough right to earn our lives, dont we have rigths to speak in our own language, don't we have rights to do what we want, then why.....
Understanding the relativity, the so called vested interest of the invisible forces have been pre

ssuring the government and the so called leaders with regards of making their selfish motive

of power and bureaucracy have jeopardize the situation.

Before shouting slogans of ethnic based federalism first we have to understand its meanings, after that we have understand the pros and cons of its adaptation. Some of the experts have also argued that pros and cons of ethnic based federalism is not a testing phase for anyone, it’s about the lives and future of millions of Nepalese which needs to be understood. Likewise, on the other side there are more loses than wining situation as our practice would be limited in giving rights to a few of the cultural groups discriminating other, its just the matter of practicing racialism.

As such there will be greater chance of conflict and confusion which can result in unavoidable sitation and action like cultural cleansing and mass killing, communal difference etc.

How can we demand equality in the name of divide? It’s just the matter of time and understanding and making it right rather than complaining and dividing the country into fractions. Political leaders are happy because they will have more seats and options to play their dirty games but on the lighter side its on the public who have to face the burden from administrative to operation cost. Moreover there are issues of resource sharing and scarcity of infrastructure so to say the individual province will be stronger within its self will be a completely wrong statement.

My question to all leaders are what are you people thinking enough is enough its high time to think about the country than to individual party and difference.

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