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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Prachanda Path-- The joker has one more trick up his sleeve

Recently the Baburam Bhattrai's led government announced that Nepal government would give facilities of car, and security to VIPs. The announcement was hugely condemned and highly criticized from all sectors. In midst of that recently prominent leaders like Ram Chandra Poudel of Nepali Congress, Madhav Kumar Nepal of Unified Marxist-Leninist (UML) Party and Jhalnath Khanal of the same party returned their vehicles to the government. Their move came in action in support of the huge criticism from the public and other sectors but the most shocking and amazing thing is even Mr Pupa Kamal Dahal the Supremo of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) also returned his Toyota Parado to the government. It is completely illogical and absurd why he submitted his government facility.

In one hand the Baburam led Maoist party declares the facilities and services where as on the other hand the same party's Chairman returns the vehicle to the government.

What should the public think, is it another politics or should we assume that there is a new plot written to divert the attention of the public ?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Corruption at its best

A week back, the world was shocked by the scam and corruption charges of Mohamed bin Hammam, Chief of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). His audit report showed embezzlement of hundreds of millions of dollars from the AFC official bank account where the name of All Nepal Football Association (ANFA )President Ganesh Thapa was also mixed with the scam.

The most intriguing thing is having all the proof nothing has been done to ANFA President Ganesh Thapa till date.

Associated Press directly quotes, “Gaurav Thapa, whose father heads the Nepalese federation, received $100,000 while a Filipino football official Jose Mari Martinez received $60,000 and had $11,226 in hospital expenses paid. Another $50,000 went to an East Timorese football official Francisco Kalbuadi Lay, the audit found.” ANFA president Ganesh Thapa has been charged with misappropriation of funds in the past but was given a free pass by the Nepal government.

With huge allegation and rumors Ganesh Thapa made public a public statement in Avenues Television saying, “ Bin Hammam used to be a close friend, I borrowed the money from him. This was in 2009. The matter was settled in 2010/11.”

What sort of statement is that how can a person give you a loan of USD
100,000 that too on personal basis from an official organizational account. It's not justifiable, you should have considered the consequence, you should have considered the image of Nepalese Football industry. Mr Thapa if you think Nepalese are that dumb then I think you have to reconsider. I believe the CIAA should take the things in matter and start the investigation and if he is found guilty he should be brought by books.

It’s a direct form of corruption which cannot be ignored, the position he holds and his responsibilities are immense to the job and future of FOOTBALL in Nepal

Football in Nepal is related to national pride, how a person with such an image can be related with a field? How can he be given the responsibility of managing the dreams of millions?

How can we trust him to lead the national pride and what can we expect?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its not glam photography its skin photography


This is to the level, I could not stop my self laughing out loud.....LMAO , what is this? A young woman in her desperate attempt to be popular is being pushed to her limitations. Just have a look at this picture, does it look sexy or hot or in any way appealing. The girl herself looks scared that she might tip off.

These days the Nepali Modelling Industry specially the on line is going bazook with showing and highlighting private part of Female Models.

In most of the cases the photographers push them but without the affirmation of the models they cannot do anything. But my question is why are the female models so desperate in taking off their cloths.

Most of the online web portals have these types of pictures that highlights nudity and vulgarity then art or anything. Women look like dairy product showing off their mammary glads and its pathetic. What can on expect from such photographer and models

Looking at these picture I would just say, It's vulgar-vulgar-vulgar. Today Nepal's modelling industry is degrading with such acts where as on the other hand there has been a prominent development as well.

The HIMALAYAN TIMES FASHION WEEK is yet another event that has been promoting and focusing towards grooming new models in a more standard and appealing way. The models are selected in a more rigorous and precises way where they are trained and groomed for more than a month. They are given the adequate training by the professional and most importantly they are well paid through out the session.

On one hand the industry is facing crisis with skin photography where as on the other there is a better option of holding your identity and presence. Now the choice is for the Nepali models who want to be famous, you want to be known as the XXX or the YYY.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nepal Traffic Police Sucks ………………….

I left my house at 9:00 from Paknajol for my office in kalanki within second I reached the Bisnumati Bridge, before that I saw few traffic police checking the blue book and license. It’s very rare that they check all the people passing by but I rarely encounter them as they target the young and naïve riders. Just few minutes away in the bridge the traffic was halted and within seconds it was crowded. Reason a big water tanker in the mouth of the bridge could not pass as the traffic from other side was just pouring in. Due to this the other side was completely halted. Seeing this also the traffic police who were there few minutes away checking the blue book and license turned a blind eye. The line grew like anything where the one side traffic was pounding and the other side was completely halted. The situation was so worst that people started shouting at each other. Then an Armed police force security car came in and started to look into the matter but like said they are not the expert, they also tried their best.  We few of the guys got out of our bikes and started to give way for the traffic and the flow were set back to normal. Whose fault is it?  I was bound to think, what is the priority?  To check the blue book and license or to relieve the traffic. The priority is what calls for emergency measures but the traffic police of Nepal fails to realize this they are bound to follow their order. If the PM was coming probably they would clear the road making the public halt but when it comes to the normal public they just know one thing how to give trouble and problem as who are we?

Everyday it’s the same story and every day people are bound to suffer and the department pays a blind eye. Is it the fault of the tax payers who pay taxes and don’t say anything or is it the problems of the civil servant who fail to realize the responsibility toward the public.  
Date: July 18, 2012
Location: Bisnumati Bridge
Time: 9:15 AM

Sunday, July 15, 2012

HIGHWAY - The Nepali movie a Big turn off

The new movie HIGWAY is said to be based on a real story  but how admissible is it for any movie to use the so called Glam factor and to highlight the "sex sells concept" is my concern. It is high time when we all realize and say no to such concepts and a eyes opener for the Nepali Movie Industry  to be more  sharp and diligent about such issues. On contrary, the movie has tried to raise few issues which can be seen in the PROMOs but it also highlights the negative aspect of our society which is harsh and obvious. What can you expect from a movie that caters a woman’s nudity to sell a movie and where are we going?

I think we the young generation should Boycott such movies, it’s not the need of the story it’s the need and mentality of the director. I have seen the song and the way it is picturised is VULGAR. More specifically  putting an item song to make it hot and happening might highlight the need of the story but how palpable is it from a social point of view is my concern ...........

The thing is Loot started the trend of foul language then following that every other movie copied it in the name of commercialization and every other movie has a demand of SEX scenes and nudity. To be precise it has developed as a trend where the weak mentality of producers and directors have made it
a compulsion for easy catch. with such scene and songs people will look into it or else controversies is always there to spread the news.

The question is not here about what social issues the movie raises, the main question here is about the social impact and what message it is giving?

SEX sells is a reality but are we ready to accept this is a fact. We all know this but to its shadows it also has its consequences which needs to be understood and researched. The main heroin  RICHA SHARMA  may look sexy, hot and voluptuous but  she also look VULGAR.

The song may bring in few audiences to the Theaters but what about the IMPACT. Are we giving people the right definition and meaning of cinema……………  

The trend of following the same genre of SEX sells attitude has corrupted the minds of Nepali directors, they can’t think beyond the chollis and bar girls performing.

I think the Nepali directors know how to make and sell movies but Is it a compulsion to put nudity and sex saying its a need...............?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Haven’t I paid the taxes?

It took me 7.5 hrs (0.30 minutes X15 days =7.5 hrs) to learn a car and to drive it in the main way but to acquire a license, it took me more than 3 WEEKS that too staying in lines for number of hours. Our system is very slow in every aspect of its operation and management you just can’t hold your patience or else you just need power or source to make it happen but is it right ?
The so called way of ignoring the tax payers has been prolonging since years and years. Another example of how we have been nailed by the Nepal government is we pay land and house taxes to the KMC. If you know or not we pay double taxes for our land as first time they take the taxes for the land separately and again while paying the taxes for the house the land taxes are included and why is my question?
What can we say, we are the tax payers, the government runs by our money our taxes and we are the once who are being marginalized. Being a tax payer I have every right to know where my money is going but do they give me the right information is highly questionable. Under the rights to information act every citizen has the right to know where his money is going but do they accredit that is highly questionable.
The government is responsible for making roads and other infrastructures but still in every road there are holes. In every service we have to stay in line. But on contrary the road near the PM’s quarter is smooth, PM quarter lines are 24/7, PM gets the security and why not me, haven’t I paid taxes then why does our Nepal government turns a blind eye to me.
Haven’t I paid the taxes?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Doing politics in the name of janjati is wrong…………………….

The true definition of a Janjati(Indigenous) is "jungle tribe living on wild fruits and plant roots, one that is totally cutoff from the development process". This means all the elite PhD and educated people who claim themselves to be janjati is false. It means all the leaders of the so called “janjati” freedom movement who are educated and living in city areas are lying?

In recent practice, we have seen a fight to list all cast and creed to janjati’s list where I never had an idea about the true definition and meaning of a janjati. Now when I have an idea I get a true understanding why the Bahuns and Chhetri wanted to list themselves as Janjatis and to the logic it is admissible.

Most of the elite Clan (caste) of Newars, Magars, Limbus who have been living in the city and using the top notch government facilities and infrastructure are not janjatis neither they can be called that. In true meaning janjati(Indigenous) is a state of living whose habitat is reserved in local state separating themselves from any facilities and development process.

“RAUTE” in a true sense is the example of Janjati(
Indigenous) who have been holding there identity disrespect to any development or influence. There living standard and ways of life has whatsoever no influence in any way from modernization and there recent demand for securing their identity and habitat was in a true an issue of janjati.

According to
Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), the definition of Janjati or indigenous people are those who are not listed in below category:
  • First settlers prior to the formation of Gorkha and Nepal state.
  • Dominated group and no representation in state organs
  • Not included in the Hindu cast system.
  • Own language, culture and religion different from the rulers.
  • Listed by Nepalese Government Indigenous Act 2002.
Note: Brahmins, Chhettris and Madeshi Brhamins are not Indigenous people of Nepal.
I was really surprised to see and hear the true meaning of “janjati” let's except the fact that if you are educated and you are living in a city area then how can you list yourself as janjati and why should you…………?
The question that comes up here is who is ready to except reality, the political leaders who are manipulating the name janjatis to play their dirty politics or the big INGos and other diplomatic mission who give opportunities and money in the name of janjatis………..

I believe all cast creed people who are deprived from the facilities are janjati’s but using this as a political agenda and manifesto is wrong.
Doing politics in the name of janjati is wrong…………………….

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nepal Government Murdabad Murdabad !!!!!!!!!

Nepal Government Murdabad Murdabad !!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, night I think the city faced the most gruesome rain ever. Everywhere the cars were stalled and roads were in a state of chaos . Due to lack of management of proper sewage and pin holes the roads flooded like rivers. Car Drivers could not see the holes, motorcycle riders were being splashed by dirty water and it was stinking like hell. If we look at the infrastructure we have separate departments under the Kathmandu Metropolitan City as well as Kathmandu Water Supply Project and every month we pay a certain amount of money with the water bill for SEWAGE MANAGEMENT, so where is our money going and what the fuck are they doing........................?
Adding pressure the current ongoing government's "ROAD EXPANSION" project added fury to the pain. People were driving blind, they had no clue of what was happening. Near Singh Durbar, the strategic operation location of the Government, a car had an accident and the road divider was blocking the road in the middle with no signs of road being blocked. Can you imagine the negligence? What the fuck who care? I nearly had a coalition with the divider. Does anyone care in this country I was in a hell fire situation. Then I called up 100 and told them there was a divider in the middle of the road and he said there was an accident that occur few hours ago and when I asked about what is it doing there, he had no answer.........................

The level of negligence and incompetence shown is just intolerable. Being a tax payer or normal public you have no right. To have rights you need to be powerful or you need to be the Prime Minister of this country so that people will listen to you.

I still think the government has no rights to make the Tax payers suffer like this in the name of development or road expansion or lack of negligence. It's their duty to manage the roads and if they can't then they don't have the right to make the roads un-managed like this .............

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