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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Haven’t I paid the taxes?

It took me 7.5 hrs (0.30 minutes X15 days =7.5 hrs) to learn a car and to drive it in the main way but to acquire a license, it took me more than 3 WEEKS that too staying in lines for number of hours. Our system is very slow in every aspect of its operation and management you just can’t hold your patience or else you just need power or source to make it happen but is it right ?
The so called way of ignoring the tax payers has been prolonging since years and years. Another example of how we have been nailed by the Nepal government is we pay land and house taxes to the KMC. If you know or not we pay double taxes for our land as first time they take the taxes for the land separately and again while paying the taxes for the house the land taxes are included and why is my question?
What can we say, we are the tax payers, the government runs by our money our taxes and we are the once who are being marginalized. Being a tax payer I have every right to know where my money is going but do they give me the right information is highly questionable. Under the rights to information act every citizen has the right to know where his money is going but do they accredit that is highly questionable.
The government is responsible for making roads and other infrastructures but still in every road there are holes. In every service we have to stay in line. But on contrary the road near the PM’s quarter is smooth, PM quarter lines are 24/7, PM gets the security and why not me, haven’t I paid taxes then why does our Nepal government turns a blind eye to me.
Haven’t I paid the taxes?


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