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Sunday, August 12, 2012

JISM-2, A Disaster at its best

JISM-2 is a movie made targeting a certain group of audience, specially the audience of Sunny Leon or her fans; if more than that it’s a complicated movie that takes ball to watch. I’m not joking the promos and advertisements may look hot and sexy but once you sit down there is no entertainment. Even the intimate scenes lack conviction. Loud dialogues and weak characterization pushes the movie towards a boring and hard to understand the movie.

A lover’s hate is the worst of its kind is what has been focused but the twist and turns are so limited that it bores the audience. A porn star trying to act a role of a PROTOGNIST both in real and in the movie sucks. Sunny Leon in her debt makes no use of her skills except for the breathing technique that she uses throughout the movies. Perhaps, she is highly inspired by BABA Ramadev’s breathing technique. The movie flows in all direction giving no clue of the story, you would just feel lousy with the skin and explicit scene moving everywhere and sunny Leon having a feast seems delusional. Having said that one good thing about the movie is the acting of Randip Hudda , who sounds professional and has done justice to his role. But moving on with the scenes his character is also not well defined. The only thing that is highlighted is the skin and scenes of Sunny Leon. IZANA sounds horrible and desperate in her expressions and dialogue delivery.

On the other hand the intelligence office AYAAN in his desperate attempt of love sounds possessive and artificial. Man!!! his role moves on from one end to another ending up with Sunny Leon in her arms.

In every movie, it is said the story demands explicit scenes but this movie is the opposite, the movie make the scenes and that too for SUNNY LEON. Most importantly sunny Leon is questionable from every direction. The detailing in the movie is missing and at times the audience can feel what is being missed? Being a bit reluctant JISM-1 was a way more statically correct than this. No matter what it had rhythm and the story flowed in a direction.

A movie that wasted my money, JISM -2 is a PG porn movie …………………….


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