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Friday, November 16, 2012

Tax system in Nepal highly questionable

Mangshir 1 has been declared as a national Tax day in Nepal. From early morning people dressed up in black suits were seen shouting “pay your tax”. It looked as if the government was desperately trying to show its presence in the streets in regards to the normal practice of so call “CREDIBILITY”.
With rigid and tight policies, the government is very contradictory in its operations of regulating tax issue to the Public. Despite the difference in between the normal public and the business sector the police are more lenient and facilitating towards for the big players.

For instance, if you go to open a formal company or organization in Nepal, it’s just the lawyer charge and a minimum revenue tax of Nrs 2000 depending upon the type and capital of your organization. But when you try to close the same organization, then there are so many complications that you cannot even imagine. It’s like a nightmare that keeps you haunting like hell and you don’t even want to imagine.
A year back I had registered a company/ organization with the PVT Ltd, I had the will and zeal to do something and was very inspired.

Being taxation and a commerce student, I also had some insights on company details but after a year when I initiated the closure process I was shocked to know it demanded a huge amount of money that started from Nrs 15,000 plus.

Its pretty shocking how our government works may be to some extent, we all can understand the need and pressure to make the polices tight but regardless of that the complication in closure pressure is hugely contradictory in every possible means. The government’s roles and objective seems pretty narrowed down to the extent of just collecting the tax money. In-fact a possible role of the government should be towards making the public or citizens responsible towards the system in every aspect of making the tax system vigilant, transparent and easy where the role of the government is just limited towards revenue generation only.

I believe simplification in the taxation procedure is a need. We the citizens of Nepal pay taxes in everything thing from the garbage and sewage we discard to the water we drink and still the government has such rigid policies that diverts us from not being liable to the tax system. It is not about the punishment or paying it’s about being RESPONSIBLE and how you make yourself visible in the society, where it lacks its efforts.

Whether you talk about VAT or Service charge, the normal public has to suffer regardless of any type of services and facilities available. Why should I be liable to the tax system that is very rigid to the public? Why can’t the policy makers understand that tax payers are the most important part of the economy and when they are limited within the polices of the paying tax the credibility fades  

Why should I pay the tax if I don’t feel secure while walking in the road?
Why should I pay the tax when the road of the PM office is top notch and the road in front of my house is bad?
Why should I pay tax when I being a citizen have to stand in line and any other man with power could easily bypass  me using his power? 

Civilian supremacy is the need and right of every citizen in any democratic practice where a citizen should feel responsible not liable but with rigid policies and monopoly for a definite sector and people, Nepal’s tax policies make  us feel liable and we fail to realize this as our responsibility…………………….. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Parking a huge problem in Kathmandu during festival season

The KMC and traffic police lack of management results in a chaos during festival season. Due to lack of proper management of street Vendors and Parking space, every year during the festival months Newroad is crowded with people.

As the festival of Tihar started from today, street vendors have come out to streets making the roads narrow. Traffic was completely halted where the parking space on the side of road worsen the scenario.
One can just imagine the road  being narrowed by the parking space and adding more fury the street vendors                  creating a chaos. Every year the same thing repeats again and again, every year  during the festival season due to lack of management by the KMC and Traffic police normal public are bound to suffer the consequences.    

Friday, November 9, 2012

NRB SUCKS big time

Why is it so hard for a citizen to live? What is our mistake that our government keeps a blind eye towards the normal general public? Why is every time a tax payer is ignored in Nepal…?

It SUCKs big time when we the public pay taxes in everything and we are deprived and marginalized in basic facilities like education, livable commodities, services.

The government of Nepal SUCKs big time and Nepal Rastra Bank being the regulatory body is inefficient.

These days if you have to open an account do you know that you have to provide your details and your parents (mother +Father) plus your Grandparents (both) citizenship number and date of birth. What the F@############## !!!!!!!!!!
And to make matter worst you have provide your financial details about your transactions. Like how much cash you will be receiving or transacting in a month? What would be your mode of transaction? From where will you be receiving it?


Just for the sake of NRB trying to regulate the Commercial banks or hide its incompetency, why should I a normal citizen suffer?

Big political leaders having billions of rupees and black listed entrepreneurs walking the streets with heading their heads high is not a problem for the NRB or CIAA and I being a normal citizen of Nepal paying lawfully tax in everything have to provide my financial details and my parents citizenship info.

THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Women Harassment in public is a question..........

3rd November 2012, Saturdays I saw few girls holding a rally in awareness of fighting against sexual harassment in Tripureshwar. I was happy as well as surprised. Happy because these girls were standing up for their rights and surprised because why isn't the government noticing this. Am I being too negative or loud about the issue? I guess being a man I cannot even imagine the effects of harassment but one can seriously look into consequence and past practice where people have committed suicide.
Right now when we are receiving billions of dollars in the name of Women empowerment and leadership how effective is it for the girls at grassroots level to feel in such a way. Isn't it a joke that we are trying to cater leadership in a society where a girl fails to identify herself.  What empowerment and leadership are we talking about when she can’t even move around freely ?

Someone giving a straight look at her making her feel uncomfortable, or someone trying to touch her but unnecessarily or someone offending her uselessly, what more bad could happen. A girl has to live her life in trauma and limitation of WHAT NEXT? This is not just a story but it is the story of all women and why nothing is being done is my  QUESTION?

The Drinking and drive campaign by traffic police proves that the government can do anything so just like that why can’t they make it instant actions to be taken for women harassment perpetrator. Don’t we have the infrastructure? Or people to deal with the situation? I guess its common sense; even the 100 can be used to report the harassment case and instance actions would reduce such activities. I believe if this thing was enforced women would feel independent and she could travel and move around with ease and that would be an achievement…… 

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