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Monday, December 24, 2012

Nepal's political behavior and leaders sucks

It is UNFAIR that the whole Kathmandu has to suffer for the security of one man. There is a good traffic jam in Kathmandu  area inside the ring road just because the POLICE are diverting the roads to clear the traffic. As the upparastapati is coming through the Tribhuvan International Airport road. how logical is it just for the security of one man the whole Kathmandu has to suffer. It is insane the way these political leaders think. They are not the king or they have not done something proud that they should be given such levels of honor that the roads would be clear just for the sake of their passing by. They are the so called "Nokkar" public servants who are suppose to be credible toward the public and instead of that they create problems for us. Who gives a shit to them who respects them I would care for a taxi driver who earns his life by hard work then for a political leader who  makes the roads clear just for the sake and of security. Hypocrisy also has its limits  Nepal's leaders have crossed every limits.................................       

When will we grow, just for the sake of one man the whole Kathmandu has to SUFFER .................

Murdabad murdabad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New age facebook entrepreneurship

It might sound eccentric that facebook has established itself as one of the most effective ways of business here in Nepal. From Big brand to news channels everybody is entertaining their fans with activities on facebook, to be precise it has taken a form of a religion where people love to express and be themselves. Similarly, from fashion accessories to vegetables to shoes you get everything online in Nepal. It works with pay on delivery mechanism where people are happy doing shopping online in facebook rather than retailing it in outlets.

Pravesh shestha, a normal surfer said, " why waste time goigng to shop when everything is avilable online, you know its the 21 centuray and we have to be updated ."

Most of these business run on the basis of client to client service where the product’s photo is uploaded at first and the interested clients books it and messages their number and contact address. Within a stipulated time the delivery is done.
This method is getting popular as the goods listed are very low cost as compared to the market that too with the facilities of home delivery. Another attraction is the free delivery option which most of these businesses opt for where the clients are happy to save money and time.

According to recent data’s from socialbaker.com, there are 9,25,100 Facebook users in the Nepal, which makes the position of 67 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country. Facebook penetration in Nepal is 6.65% compared to the country's population and 81.03% in relation to number of Internet users. The total number of FB users in Nepal is reaching 9,25,100 and grew by more than 4,65,720 in the last 6 months.

Sazeena Karki owner of 
Sattva-the stylebook says, “It’s all about the service and quality. People like our products and they order. We give them the option to surf around fashionable goods and to satisfy their  interest  they make sure the goods are fine during the delivery. It’s more like people are  online in facebook 24/7 and they like to use their time doing something meaningful. Shopping that too saving money is worth spending your time. Personally, I would suggest people to shop online as there is less operating cost so the goods are cheaper. You can be fully assured that goods sold are of good quality and standard. After all it’s the quality and standard that matters.”  

Over the past several years, Facebook ads have gone from being a new notion to representing the largest market share of online display ads. eMarketer recently published a report projecting worldwide social network ad revenues to grow by the billions. Over a four year period from 2011-2014, social network advertising is expected to grow from a $5.2 billion industry to a $11.87 billion industry. Of the projected $7.72 billion of social network ad revenues, 47% is anticipated to come from the United States. Facebook is expected to account for 68% of this revenue. That translates to an expected $2.47 billion of ad revenue generated purely from Facebook in the United States. From there, Facebook’s ad revenue in the United States is expected to increase to $3.31 billion in 2013 and $3.75 billion in 2014.
You might be amazed with this innovative idea but it’s true. It’s happening here in Nepal.  Just by using an email account one can start a business with a facebook fan page and you have customers from all over the world. The dynamics of internet makes it feasible to reach any part of the world. Internet for everyone is possible with young entrepreneurs emerging to find new opportunities where it’s practical and a viable method of new age entrepreneurship. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

A steady shot for photographers NIKON VS CANON

There is a huge confusion especially for armature photographer to know what to choose, NIKON or CANON. The people who use NIKON say NIKON is the best and the People who use CANON say CANON is the best. Moreover, there is a good discussion that can take place but there are certainly technical things that an amateur photographer should think before buying a DSLR Camera.
1.       The cost
2.       Flexibility
3.       Lens option
4.       Picture quality

No matter how expensive camera you buy the only thing that matters is your creativity that makes a picture then too what camera you use.

Looking at the technical aspect you just have to learn how to adjust the ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed   

Aperture is ‘the size of the opening in the lens when a picture is taken
Shutter speed is the length of time that your image sensor ‘sees’ the scene you’re attempting to capture.
ISO (or ASA) was the indication of how sensitive a film was to light.

Okay so you want buy a camera CANON or NIKON ?
CANON - if you are an outdoor person and you want more lens option then it’s CANON. Most of the professionals use CANON because they have a wide variety of lenses available that is cheap and you will get more mega pixel. NIKON on the other hand has less option with very expensive in terms of lens but the quality is Good superior. The basic difference in between CANON and NIKON is the sensor inside; Nikon has a bigger sensor than Canon. Though canon has a brighter picture quality and bigger mega pixel but Nikon certainly holds its trump card with quality of picture in darkness, the detailing and contrast is phenomenal

so if you are buying a camera just think before you buy because it matters for who you are and what you want to click. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love my country but I have no respect for my Prime minister

Yesterday I was stuck in a Traffic Jam at Putalisadak. The road was jammed because our so call his Excellency Prime Minister BABURAM was passing by. There was a big traffic jam and due to this  an AMBULANCE was stuck in the jam. The traffic Police had blocked the road for nearly 20 minutes where the AMBULANCE was making a big noise which the traffic POLICE could hear. But since the so called his EXCELLENCY PM was passing, the  road was pre-blocked 15 minutes before he passed. The Traffic police was signaling the ambulance but due to the jam there was no way for it to pass.
How relevant is it to block the road just for the security of one man when someone, a normal person’s life is in danger. what is the Priority a  JANATA's life or the security of the so call prime minister, What a joke?
A normal person's life stands  nowhere in the eyes of the traffic police  and the country but this is reality.  We live in the so called LOKTANTRA (People's Democracy) my foot. I seriously want to question this why is that during the king's regime we opposed this and the same leaders who supported and accused the king then are now doing it.
Do they think that political leaders have special powers that they can say and do anything or do they think they are superior beings that they have the rights to do anything. But I say it's us the normal public who are so limited by the fact that we don't even dare and want to say it because we are so busy with our lives and problems that we ignore it, "के गर्ने नेपालमा यस्तै हो " .  When something wrong happens it should be reported and said that's why we have CONSTITUTION  and LAW. A wrong is a wrong no matter who does it or to whom  it is related with.  We have the CONSTITUTION which is above all and their its written everyone  is equal and same but where is equality and where is the bloody LOKTANTRA.
I do not understand big words Mr. Prime Minster. I'm the janata and I want my respect and dignity which you have to give me because you work for me not for your party not for your family.
I pay tax and I have every right to say..............................
मलाई मेरो देशसँग धेरैनै माया छ, तर मेरो प्रधानमन्त्रीको इज्जत लाग्दैन   ।

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