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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nepal's Prime Minister in twitter

The Himalayan times reports, " Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has fired up the twitterati within three days of his opening an account in the popular social media site."

 Prime Minister of Nepal Baburam Bhattrai writing was seen firing up in the social netwroking site saying, "Give me single party majority govt. for 5 yrs like in Bihar. If I don’t show results, you can shoot me, young friends"
I must say another publicity stunts just like the one he performed during his Mustang Car. why are we so limited in such things?  Why do we have to believe in leaders who are doing nothing and they portray an image of being good and we have to listen to them. I think its what we all have seen and understood and still these publicity stunts works.

I think its the joke of the day, PM Bhattrai you have the power and you have every means to give this country a way and why are you not investing your energy and efforts towards it, is my question. At least you can resign on the moral ground if you have so much of frustration but he won't because he is the only leader in Nepal who believes who is famous for publicity stunts.

We the people have been waiting for a stable government where we have not seen any effort from your side and your party to work towards it and you say that you are dedicated. Mr. PM how about you using your valuable time in doing something than to wasting it in updating your status there are so many things to do rather than this sort of publicity stunts.

To reality what has been believed the country is run by pashupatinath and the leaders have anything to care for because the god runs this country, so why waste time in doing anything.

I must say Mr Bhattrai you are really an intellect who know how to twist and turn the scenario. I guess you know what we all want but we don't know what you and your party wants for this country........................................

Friday, January 18, 2013

Human Rights Atrocities or a strategic Planning

Col Kumar Lama 

Colonel Kumar Lama a 46-year-old Nepal Army officer, currently seconded to the UN peace keeper in Sudan, was held at his East Sussex home by Metropolitan Police officers on 3rd January 2013.He is charged with intentionally "inflicting severe pain or suffering or human rights atrocities” against  Janak Bahadur Raut between April 15 and May 1, 2005, and on Karam Hussain between April 15 and October 31, that allegedly occurred at the Gorusinghe Army Barracks in Nepal.

The arrest issue of Col Kumar Lama is a very strategic movement laid down by the developed country. Developed countries (European Union) have been trying to establish Nepal as a federal republic nation but due to complication of the political understanding, they have not been able to fulfill it. The action directly deals with the sovereignty of Nepal where a third country has no rights to interrupt in the name of justice and human rights.  
Point to be noted
-Col Lama currently is a UN soldier posted in SUDAN how come with his arrest UN is not doing
-Col Lama was demoted for his action
-Col Lama had committed the crime here in Nepal why is a foreign country so interested in it
- Human Rights Atrocities issue is not a question of action but is a matter of investigation and diplomacy
-During the insurgency in Nepal, UK had supported the drive against terrorism and had helped Nepal with resources and support
- In technical terms during hour of alert and emergency the state has given a full right to the officials to detail people for interrogation and why is this issue being raised so much

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