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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LOKTANTRA DIWAS or loottantra

Today is LOKTANTRA DIWAS hundreds of so called shahids died for it and only few group of people  are enjoying the loot-tantra. Billions of rupees were wasted in marking and reclaiming the pride and prestige of people but unfortunately there were too many issue of party politics, people's individual ego and so many things that the country was lest prioritize. The nation should have been the priority but it was the least, our political leader made it worst indulging themselves in power politics and corruption. They degraded the pride and prestige of their name where today a the word Neta is considered a slang....

Nation first, was never a condition it was just a slogan for the political manifesto...........

Democracy believes in equality and law by the book but a country like ours that follows the rule of corruption, nepotism and favoritism, things are more biased and manipulative. We have a President who aspires to have been redeemed because of his cast, we have parties that believe in communism and they have million of dollars, our poverty rates have gone up,  reservation gives upper hand to a janjati when his percentage is less and a qualified person has to draw back because of his cast etc these are the achievements of LOKTANTRA

We need a standardization in terms of politics. Politics in education sector is wrong, political parties doing anything and everything for the benefit of their party is wrong
Country should be the priority  not the party ........

The country needs intellects not reservation, the country needs good leaders not politicians..................
I'm not celebrating this LOKTANTRA because I fail to believe in this LOKTANTRA and this system.


KYC- kill your customer....................

Most of the banks have asked their account holders to update their information in compliance with Nepal Rastra Bank’s directive of filling the Know Your Client (KYC) form where most of us think it is done against corruption. But reality is KYC is not just being done for the purpose of public it has been imposed by the US government with pressure to blacklist us if we do not take initiative against the money laundering. Nepal was in the line of being blacklisted internationally for failing to comply with international money laundering rules and regulations. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global anti- money laundering body, was considering blacklisting Nepal if the government had failed to introduce a law against organized crime. In a worst-case scenario, all banking correspondence could stop, and flow of aid and grants come to a standstill.
If blacklisted, foreign banks may not approve the letters of credit issued by Nepali banks. Such a scenario will also severely diminish Nepal’s prospects of getting foreign aid and investments. 

The KYC forms is based on Anti Money Laundering and Combating Finance to Terrorism regulations, that require detailed information of the account holder, including citizenship certificate numbers and issue date of the kin, including that of grandparents, parents, sons, daughters and daughters-in-law. Likewise, the banks also require proof of address or the details of landlords. Know Your Customer refers to the procedures needed to be undertaken by financial institutions to identify and understand their customers in order to detect any sign of abnormal financial activities in their account. The insistence by banks that customers provide the citizenship numbers of their grandparents has irked account holders the most. The forms that require the citizenship numbers of the customers’ grandparents and daughters-in-law seem to keep potential customers away.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The fb generation

Using facebook on one hand people have become so dull and addicted with it where as on the other people are so expressive, they are networking, exploring their possibilities and trying their entrepreneurship skill, voicing their rights, speaking about their problems etc. It has given people a common platform of voicing their ideas and thoughts and to relate them  to the issues that were previously hidden. In fact realty is FB is next achievement of the twenty first century that has socially, psychological  and individually affected each and everyone of us at different level.

The Egypt revolution, the Indian rape case and Nepal Facebook movement all are examples of people's will, determination  and interest but there was a common factor, yes it was facebook. It was through facebook that people coordinated. One idea of change that was alone and had the courage to stand found many to voices and support. It made the change possible with just the form of expression that was easy and that was limitless of any boundaries.

Looking at individual level, every individual has so much to say and express but in the run of making your life work, the feelings, emotions and expressions are overshadowed by tensions, and problems. At the end of the day your left with loads of frustration from irregularities happening around to corruption to your wife not giving you attention to everything  that piles up. FB gives you a platform where you can express yourself to be who you are and to have your say ...?

Regardless of any consequences of making it loud that you are you and no matter what you will remain the same.......

Reality of today with facbook is the only standardize platform that talks about all phase of life from politics, psychology, crime and everything. Its unlimited and due to its unrestricted ability its has scored an image of being a friend of all. A friend that listens, that awakes and that increasing the LIKES saying you are not alone.

Except for the fact that it gets annoying at times with its marketing technique of showing unrelated post of groups that you cannot stop from displaying in your  news feed but hey its reality they also need to survive and  it just for the sake of numbers.....
The fb generation certainly has a way of change, how is the way you interpret.....................

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Contemporary Nepal is a possibilities of prosperity

Nepal is a developing country with an agricultural economy. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, providing a livelihood for three-fourths of the population and accounting for about one-third of GDP. Industrial activity mainly involves the processing of agricultural products, including pulses, jute, sugarcane, tobacco, and grain. With an estimated 42,000 MW of feasible capacity, Nepal has considerable scope for exploiting its potential in hydro power but political instability hampers foreign investment. Additional challenges to Nepal's growth include its landlocked geographic location, civil strife and labor unrest, and its susceptibility to natural disaster.

Investment opportunity: Nepal has huge potential investment opportunities.  Due to bad political condition and lack of stability, Nepal has not been able to use it resources.

Hydropower: It is estimates that Nepal has approximately 42,000 MW of economically feasible hydropower potential. However, the present situation is that Nepal has developed only approximately 600 MW of hydropower.

Tourism:  Rated one of the top ten holiday destination by Lonely Planet in 2013, Nepal is considered as one of the most friendly and naturally beautiful country in the world. Possessing 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a hotspot destination for mountaineers, rock climbers and people seeking adventures.

Transit Point: Landlocked in between China and India, Nepal has huge potent to exploit its location. Its location at times is its weakness but with diplomatic relationship there is a scope of   business opportunity if it could established itself as a Transit point in between the two super powers  

Human Resource: Due to low cost human resource in Nepal is very cost effective. In the current trend Nepal has been receiving a lot of outsourcing businesses in IT sector and technology field.   

Contemporary Nepal is an aspiration of the fresh blood who believes in making the country move towards the path of development. Looking at the current pretext development process in Nepal was never a challenge but the administration was always a problem.  Bad politics, corruption, manipulation etc are some of the hindrance where things are slowly and gradually changing.
 The contemporary Nepal believes in the young and fresh energy and leaders who have envisioned and promised to lead Nepal to the next phase of development and prosperity. Contemporary Nepal is not just about problems but it’s about looking at the opportunities to strive back against poverty, hunger, corruption and bad politics. Contemporary Nepal is about you, me everyone associated with Nepal who believes to be lawful citizens of Nepal- in the making of good governance……..

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