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Monday, April 22, 2013

The fb generation

Using facebook on one hand people have become so dull and addicted with it where as on the other people are so expressive, they are networking, exploring their possibilities and trying their entrepreneurship skill, voicing their rights, speaking about their problems etc. It has given people a common platform of voicing their ideas and thoughts and to relate them  to the issues that were previously hidden. In fact realty is FB is next achievement of the twenty first century that has socially, psychological  and individually affected each and everyone of us at different level.

The Egypt revolution, the Indian rape case and Nepal Facebook movement all are examples of people's will, determination  and interest but there was a common factor, yes it was facebook. It was through facebook that people coordinated. One idea of change that was alone and had the courage to stand found many to voices and support. It made the change possible with just the form of expression that was easy and that was limitless of any boundaries.

Looking at individual level, every individual has so much to say and express but in the run of making your life work, the feelings, emotions and expressions are overshadowed by tensions, and problems. At the end of the day your left with loads of frustration from irregularities happening around to corruption to your wife not giving you attention to everything  that piles up. FB gives you a platform where you can express yourself to be who you are and to have your say ...?

Regardless of any consequences of making it loud that you are you and no matter what you will remain the same.......

Reality of today with facbook is the only standardize platform that talks about all phase of life from politics, psychology, crime and everything. Its unlimited and due to its unrestricted ability its has scored an image of being a friend of all. A friend that listens, that awakes and that increasing the LIKES saying you are not alone.

Except for the fact that it gets annoying at times with its marketing technique of showing unrelated post of groups that you cannot stop from displaying in your  news feed but hey its reality they also need to survive and  it just for the sake of numbers.....
The fb generation certainly has a way of change, how is the way you interpret.....................


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