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Friday, June 21, 2013

An answer for Sufyan bin Uzayr

Mr Sufyan bin Uzayr in his article his article  Nepal: The View from The Top Is Not Pretty writes, "Nepalese economy is marred more by the disparity in income and poverty, as well as cultural issues.Nepal is situated right below where Tibet used to be (and while we are at it, also slightly near to the Kashmir region), and I hate to sound so pessimistic, but you have another historical contentious issue in the making between India and China.Sadly, the majority of the Nepalese people do not understand or grasp this fact; as a result, environment-damaging practices continue unaffected and unhindered."

What Mr. Sufyan bin Uzayr has written to some extent is a limited edition of what is available in the websites. I would probably say it as a immature writing. I think his research needs to be more refined in aspect of reality and what's really happening?

Nepal is an under developed country and for every good reason, it is trying its best in managing its economy where tourism and foreign revenue are a huge boost to its support.
Due to its geographical location and diplomatic relations, it is bound to limit its opportunities and other endeavors. The reach of Internet and telecommunication is growing, similarly education rates have gone up, various awareness programs are breaking the orthodox tradition of women related issues,
local villages are transforming into business centers, this is not just an example of where Nepal is leading but one can visualize the efforts.  One thing what Mr Uzayr needs to understand is Nepal is not an ordinary terrain like India, Nepal has a vivid wide terrain which makes it beautiful as well as challenging from all sides.

Looking at its Natural resource capacity, its water resources is its strength where especially if you look at the current scenario, Indian state is exploiting the broader treaty by making dams on its borders and taping the water resources drowning and causing unwanted flooding in Nepal's Region.

Apart from that technically looking at Nepal, Nepal has been a play ground for various super powers like the US, European union, Indian state, China etc not just to counter each other but moreover the vested interest prolongs with the regional diplomacy to business exploitation to other strategies and other issues of concern.

Likewise, if you look at the political scenario, the so called Maoist Revolution( people's war) that took the country to a new phase has been an important part of learning for Nepal's Politically upfront. Corruption, favoritism, Nepotism, etc has gone up but on contrary the country is moving in the path of no discrimination which counts. Moreover, Nepal has been declared as a secular country.

Nepal's leaders have been hugely influenced by the India strategy where the out-casting of the monarch was a conspired plan to make Nepal vulnerable.
Time and again the interference of the regional diplomats in the territorial strategy and other issues have topped newspapers which can be researched online.

Regarding climate change, UK funded projects like Xtreme Everest are being carried out in the Everest region for the sake of Humanity. May be Nepal has not been able to grow and show its power but it has been facilitating many countries in proving their economies and consolidating their pride of being powerful.

Nepal certainly is the youngest republican country which deserves its share of presence and independence. If only the regional and diplomatic concern could stop interrupting and its leaders could understand the values of its sovereignty then Nepal can stand proud with its new image...


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