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Monday, August 19, 2013

Chaudhary Group bargaining with the public for a national Award

Chaudhary Group, the international Organization which recently buzzed the news  for its Chiarman Binod Chaudhary being enlisted as the first Nepali billionaire in Forbes has been bargaining the public for a National Award. The FNCCI National Excellence Awards 2070 brings in cut throat competition in the business fraternity that seems to contradict the morale and ethic of business. Even international organization like Chaudhary Group is tempting public to vote in their favor with the bate of Prize award to be used for CSR

What a Joke?

They have advertise that They will be  donating Rs.5 for Social cause for each vote they receive. Instead, if they had donated money without any corporate motive, they would have bagged the national Award  and many other achievements.

On morale grounds directly intimidating the public saying if we win, we will use the prize money for CSR is something that is unexpected and un-ethical from an international organization like Chaudhary Group. If the Organization has such level of thinking then its hard to say how its surviving the market........

Chaudhary Group (CG), is a conglomerate that consists of nearly 80 companies. Chaudhary also worked as a member of constituent assembly and parliament of Nepal from April 2008 to May 2012 that could not bring the constitution. In the past Mr Chaudhary Grop have been related with big controversies of tax embezzlement. 


Rajin Maharjan said...

The thought what I read is just an individual understanding that is misunderstanding because, if I have to present my view I would say that CG tried to reach the people because such things are not widely known. We Nepalese need to know about what is going on outside and internationally. Even a little amount counts valuable that is even not necessary. Thanks.

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