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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cruelty against Animal

Nepal has been hit by the epidermic of  H5N1 (Bird flu), technically looking at the problem, the virus has been spread due to the use of anti bird flu vaccination (made in US) where the government of Nepal has already banned the use of such vaccine . Nepal has been a testing ground for countries like US where they send their primary level vaccine to study the effect and implication but who cares our politicians and bureaucrats are more busy in their corruption and power games, they are least bothered till the time it takes form of a public chaos.

Places in and around Bhaktapur have been listed as a Red Alert Zone where different security measures are being taken. The public living in the red alert zone have been summoned to  kill all their domestic birds and pets. If they refuse to do so then they would have to face a public law suit against them. Every day the government officials mike the message in a loud speaker, threatening and intimidating the public, which is more of a precautionary measure. My question to you is, is it a scientific measure of dealing with such a problem creating panic and hitting public sentiment.

One of my friend who lives in Mulpani says, "My pet pigeons have just taken out babies  from their shells, everyday the officials come and  have been publicly  announcing the message. I don't know what  to do, neither I can I kill them nor can I throw them out of my house. It's a dharma sankat for me."

Killing  birds and pets like this in the name of a epidermic, is it a good move? Should we not be more HUMAN towards our pets? Where is our HUMANITY what have we left behind............................

Since July 16  the government has culled over 1.2 million fowls in around one and half months, basically in four districts 871,000 fowls have been culled alone in Bhaktapur district. The remaining fowls were destroyed in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Kavre district.The Department has further destroyed 1.3 million eggs along with a large amount of feed and excreta.Till now the government has  distributed compensation worth Rs 58.5 million.


WE NEED TO DO  BETTER THAN THIS ...............................................

Bird flu virus was first detected in Jhapa district in 2009, officials say that avian influenza (virus) has changed its nature and has evolved in new form H5N1. From July 17 Kathmandu has seen a terror of bird flu where poultry product were ban in the country for a week highlighting public safety.


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