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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nepal's political leaders fail to recognize the medical services in Nepal

Recently Nepal's President went to Japan for medical check up of a disease which never existed, Prachanda the so called political went to Singapore to treat his wife's illness. Similarly, Sushil Koirala was seen visiting US for medical purpose.  If you look at Nepal's Scenario there are more than 10 dozens of hospitals available ranging from services and technology available in the city area where as on contrary to that
due to extreme rural life, city doctors often do not visit rural areas. In fact Nepal's 90% of the doctors operate only in the cities and yet Nepal's nearly 90% of the population lives in rural areas.

Nepal Health Facts :

  • Population per doctor in Nepal is about 18,000
  • One hospital bed for every 5000 people
  • Nearly 90% of the women in Nepal give birth at home and most of them suffer pregnancy complications
  • Probability of children dying before the age of 5 : 83%
  • Half the health workers in Nepal have abandoned their health posts due to food supplies run out
  • Nepal's annual population growth rate is about 2.3%
  • 92 children die every day from treatable diarrhea
  • Life expectancy at birth is 61%
  • About 35% use family planning
  • Among the illnesses affecting humanity, lack of safe water stands out as the most important factor responsible. Nepal's most cities don't have safe drinking water.

At a point when political leaders and head states are going abroad for medical check up  what can we ascertain from the current medical service available in the country.

It is a disgrace to have leaders like these who don't believe in their own country's medical development. How can we trust people like these who don't trust others.
Leadership is not just about ruling and power, its about being role model and showing people a way of life. If a leader adapts a lavish life in a state where his own country lack to recognize basic health facilities then its a disgrace to the political scenario.................

where should a normal Nepali  go Mr President and Mr leader............... 


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