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Monday, September 16, 2013

Volunteering abroad for a cause

Travelling is always fun but travelling with a vision and mission is something that is not common. Looking at the arrivals rate in Nepal, Nepal has established itself as one of the top ten holiday destination, most of the people who come here search for various aspects of luxury, entertainment, and adventure but there is a handful number of people who come to Nepal in search of helping people.
The trend has grown so much that volunteering in Nepal has established itself as one of the most potential business where local NGO’s harvest a cash crop.

But right now we are talking about real change and real people who make that effort to bring real change.  Likesuch, Peter Jensen first went to Pakistan in 2005 as part of a team from Denmark to help after the big earthquake there.  There he helped and learned new techniques in building using materials from the local area to build with keeping costs down and efficiency high.  They built homes and taught locals how to do it t the same time.  Since then over 8000 structures have been built in Pakistan using these methods.

Peter came here to Nepal a few years ago and was treated so wonderfully by the people there that he fell in love with your beautiful country (as I did.)  He decided to share his knowledge and skills and built a school somewhere up north.  He is also building test buildings to show his methods work and are sound.  They can withstand over 9 on the Richter scale.  When the government of Denmark sees the results that Peter gets they will give him money to build more schools in Nepal.  Peter has sold his apartment in Denmark and has spent all his personal money on this project and needs the help and support of all who can give it so he can finish those test buildings.

Currently he is helping the people through  his website http://www.motherearthbuildings.com/


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