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Monday, November 18, 2013

a note to the prime minister of Nepal

Respected Mr PM

How can you assure the security of Nepalese during the general election of constituent assembly 2013 .......

Bomb blasts are happening every day in different parts of the nation and you are saying there is security. You walk with a convey of security people,  read any newspaper and you will know about the real security situation of Nepal.

Even in the capital there were large number of security checks happening  till last week and from this week there are Limited security checks happening at night. So we can see and understand the level of security in the Capital.

We do understand the priority but giving assurance and standing by your decision are two different things. Hope you will stand by it.

I don't feel secure in capital, so I can imagine about other people. You asked people to vote but in regards to that the prices of transports, have made a check or arrangements for the public, NO. For your information the prices of transport have gone up and nobody cares.

Who's responsibility is that?    

How can you assure people's safety ?
Can you make each and every Nepali feel secured a big NO.....


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