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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year 2013, a year to remember

Year 2013 was a year to REMEMBER, I stand by my failures and my mistakes.
There were times when I moved ahead in darkness, there were situation when I was standing alone and still I made it. I fought back with every situation and factor that challenged me. It was just the reality of fighting for change and what you stood for. 2013 made me realize things were possible for  what you believe and think about. The main thing is you need to be  focused and concentrated.

I made the most out of the 2013 but some where down below I feel sad for all the mistakes that I made, I know the coming year wont bring such opportunities but in my heart I know that I am ready to fight any situation and time. 
Things that i have learnt in my past are the things that I have gain thought one more year has passed and I have grown old and smart but still it matter for the smiles and happiness that I search for. 
 I take credit for all the pain and suffering, I have grown few more grey hair on my head but still it was worth it and salute to all the efforts and opportunities 

Hope 2014 will be as challenging and demanding ..................


Monday, December 30, 2013

Stop violence against women

"समाजमा एकले गलती गरे त्यो दोशी हुन्छ, सयले गरे त्यो सामाजिक गलती हुन्छ। "

Nepalese society has been orthodox in its practice but primary cause of women exploitation is not just because of domination its due to lack of knowledge and education. If we look at the problem at surface level then its nothing, the government has already initiated free education policy in the country but still the literacy rates are down.Domestic violence and lack of understanding are the major obstacle that hinders women empowerment and leadership at grassroots level. Nepali society lacks the basic core rights of education, health and safety specially for girls. Nepal Government and the international and national Governmental agencies are busy in finding the donar but nobody cares about ground reality. Ground reality is when a girl is educated, a family become educated and then the society and community. It grows and multiplies. No matter how much we talk and make different measures but ultimately it comes down to these basic core factor that largely make a woman independent. An educated women is way more stronger and active than any other ordinary man.

Woman education is not just a need its a right of every child. we need to abolish the ideology of looking at woman with a different view.

The current practices of the society turning a blind eye to domestic violence is the main cause of  major women exploitation cases. In any case of domestic violence if is stopped at the point of generation then it can be easily solve d and the output can be fruitful. But when the society starts to ignore one case then it pounds up to become many where the tendency and psychology of the society evolves as a weakness. This tendency of the community or society to discriminate among people and generder creates 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nepal makes it in the list of most corrupted countries

Transparency International is back with its annual Corruption Perceptions Index-2013. Nepal ranks 116th, with 31 points on a scale of 0-100 with 0 denoting the most corrupt and 100 very clean. The report covers 177 countries across the world. Last year Nepal stood at 154th position with 27 points which this year has improved.  Nepal manage to score 31 points mainly due to efforts made in the sectors of good governance, appointments at various constitutional positions, verdicts in corruption cases and action initiated by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority against corruption.

Denmark and New Zealand are very clean countries with both scoring 91 points each while Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia are listed as highly corrupt countries, each of them scoring eight.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

HIV AID 2013 and its practices

HIV AIDS day December 1 as "Getting to zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths

Today its HIV AIDS DAY, every year thousands of people march and organize rally to spread the awareness about HIV AIDS and do related talk shows and other program but at the end of the Day HIV AID is challenging humanity  with high growing numbers and infection rates.

 Specially in Nepal HIV AIDS is being looked as a topic that is very closely and nearly related to NGO's and INGO's. May be its because of its funding or the programs being done or may be its because of the number of NGO's and INGO's working in the sector?

 But something that concerns me  is commercialization of the topic,  today there are more than five dozen organizations working for the cause. these organization directly involve in getting funds and working in small or large program . Though these organizations  work at their own level but at the end of the day only hand full of organizations come with effective programs and campaigns.

I personally consider HIV AIDS is a fight against humanity for which we all should unite, people dying anywhere in the world due to lack of resources and medicine services  is unfair and injustice  which needs to change.

Looking at global statistics of World Health Organization,  Nepal ranks the 56 position in the list of countries  found to have reduced the HIV infection sharply, the number of people getting HIV infected is not declining.

Still today  four to six persons are getting HIV infection daily in Nepal while the number of deaths caused by HIV/AIDS is 4800 in a year, according to a statics provided by the National AIDS and Venereal Disease Control Centre.

Around 262 people get HIV infection every hour across the globe. and 4,400 die due to the disease around the world which cannot be undermined.

This year the WHO has theme the HIV AIDS day December 1 as "Getting to zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths"

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