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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year 2013, a year to remember

Year 2013 was a year to REMEMBER, I stand by my failures and my mistakes.
There were times when I moved ahead in darkness, there were situation when I was standing alone and still I made it. I fought back with every situation and factor that challenged me. It was just the reality of fighting for change and what you stood for. 2013 made me realize things were possible for  what you believe and think about. The main thing is you need to be  focused and concentrated.

I made the most out of the 2013 but some where down below I feel sad for all the mistakes that I made, I know the coming year wont bring such opportunities but in my heart I know that I am ready to fight any situation and time. 
Things that i have learnt in my past are the things that I have gain thought one more year has passed and I have grown old and smart but still it matter for the smiles and happiness that I search for. 
 I take credit for all the pain and suffering, I have grown few more grey hair on my head but still it was worth it and salute to all the efforts and opportunities 

Hope 2014 will be as challenging and demanding ..................



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