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Monday, June 24, 2013

Online journalists arrested for defamatory case in Nepal

Three journalist Santosh Bhattarai, operator of the news portal www.nepaliheadlines.com, Puskar Kandel and correspondent of the portal Sushil Panta, were arrested for publishing an online report that brinjal  being used by girls as sex toy to satisfy their sexual emotions in the government college.They were  charged with defaming the Dillibazaar Kanya Multiple Campus by writing indecent and defaming content in the news portal.

According to the Electronic Transaction Act 2008, any person, who commits cyber crime, is liable to punishment with fine of up to Rs 100,00 or maximum jail term of five years or both.

Shree Rai, "This is major case of negligence, the journalists of Nepal need  to abide by their code of conduct. They should consider the role, impact and effectiveness of the content before publishing anything that is related to the pride and prestige of any organization. Personally,I feel its a case of Defamation and the Journalists should be brought by the book. Padma Kanya is a prestigious organization which has its image and with such news the impact upon the prestige of organization can be well thought."

FNJ and Press Council infiltrating and protecting such journalists shows a weak practice of protecting its members.   Such journalist should be banned from the field, added she

In recent development, on Sunday Press Council Nepal (PCN), Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) and Dllibazaar Kanya Campus have agreed upon a  five-points agreement to release the online journalists. The agreement highlights to take immediate action against the accused after an investigation and the campus to withdraw the charges against them.

Friday, June 21, 2013

An answer for Sufyan bin Uzayr

Mr Sufyan bin Uzayr in his article his article  Nepal: The View from The Top Is Not Pretty writes, "Nepalese economy is marred more by the disparity in income and poverty, as well as cultural issues.Nepal is situated right below where Tibet used to be (and while we are at it, also slightly near to the Kashmir region), and I hate to sound so pessimistic, but you have another historical contentious issue in the making between India and China.Sadly, the majority of the Nepalese people do not understand or grasp this fact; as a result, environment-damaging practices continue unaffected and unhindered."

What Mr. Sufyan bin Uzayr has written to some extent is a limited edition of what is available in the websites. I would probably say it as a immature writing. I think his research needs to be more refined in aspect of reality and what's really happening?

Nepal is an under developed country and for every good reason, it is trying its best in managing its economy where tourism and foreign revenue are a huge boost to its support.
Due to its geographical location and diplomatic relations, it is bound to limit its opportunities and other endeavors. The reach of Internet and telecommunication is growing, similarly education rates have gone up, various awareness programs are breaking the orthodox tradition of women related issues,
local villages are transforming into business centers, this is not just an example of where Nepal is leading but one can visualize the efforts.  One thing what Mr Uzayr needs to understand is Nepal is not an ordinary terrain like India, Nepal has a vivid wide terrain which makes it beautiful as well as challenging from all sides.

Looking at its Natural resource capacity, its water resources is its strength where especially if you look at the current scenario, Indian state is exploiting the broader treaty by making dams on its borders and taping the water resources drowning and causing unwanted flooding in Nepal's Region.

Apart from that technically looking at Nepal, Nepal has been a play ground for various super powers like the US, European union, Indian state, China etc not just to counter each other but moreover the vested interest prolongs with the regional diplomacy to business exploitation to other strategies and other issues of concern.

Likewise, if you look at the political scenario, the so called Maoist Revolution( people's war) that took the country to a new phase has been an important part of learning for Nepal's Politically upfront. Corruption, favoritism, Nepotism, etc has gone up but on contrary the country is moving in the path of no discrimination which counts. Moreover, Nepal has been declared as a secular country.

Nepal's leaders have been hugely influenced by the India strategy where the out-casting of the monarch was a conspired plan to make Nepal vulnerable.
Time and again the interference of the regional diplomats in the territorial strategy and other issues have topped newspapers which can be researched online.

Regarding climate change, UK funded projects like Xtreme Everest are being carried out in the Everest region for the sake of Humanity. May be Nepal has not been able to grow and show its power but it has been facilitating many countries in proving their economies and consolidating their pride of being powerful.

Nepal certainly is the youngest republican country which deserves its share of presence and independence. If only the regional and diplomatic concern could stop interrupting and its leaders could understand the values of its sovereignty then Nepal can stand proud with its new image...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

US Hypocrisy with PRISM

Today’s world war is not about how many fighter planes, tanks and nuclear missiles you have, today’s war is about  how you can control your enemy’s strategy entering or hacking your opponents system and making them obsolete knowing their strategy.

The US PRISM program under the national security is the loudest example of United States's HYPOCRISY infiltrating and monitoring  the world. United states being one of the top most superpower  monitoring and hacking the world wide web in the name of national security is just unjustifiable. The US National Security Agency (NSA) has been continuously monitoring each and every content with the help of super computers in tracking and tracing your audio, video, photographs, emails, documents, and connection logs.

The surveillance is done in association of major leading webs portals like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple. The organization have been compelled to disclose all the information with regards to the national security.

Right to privacy is not just a question of human right but its an objective of ethics.

 In fact its high time to take stand for what has been going on. Compromising privacy in the name of security is not just a malpractice but is a concern that can bring inevitable consequences. From National security to personal data to frauds anything and everything is possible, which cannot be imagined, the consequences depend upon the intentions of the US and the objective of why this surveillance has been set up. Lapse of right of privacy not only make us weak and vulnerable but it is a weak practice of  internet governance that showcases weak moral values...............

with such rooted actions US capabilities are just limited within the values of what US stands for. Power stands with the weakness of what being laid down upon what it stands........................

CYBER WARFARE IS THE next level game of super power and diplomacy......................      

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what will happen in this country..........

During the period, the Department has distributed 48,816 ordinary passports, 154 special passports, and 52 diplomatic passports, said Deputy Spokesperson at the Ministry, Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi.

As many as 39,000 youths have taken labour permit for foreign employment in the same period. Similarly, the Ministry has taken initiatives for promoting economic diplomacy, according to Subedi. 

After reading this news, I was seriously bound to think why so much of brain drain is happening and why the Nepal government is doing nothing. It is a serious issue of Human migration that needs to be tackled or else the country will be emptied.

A majority of this work group try for work opportunities in the middle east and other go abroad in search of better future. No matter what  my question to all is why are we lacking to understand reality of searching better future abroad when we all know that working abroad or life is not easy. I will not say its worth it but why to waste the most valuable time of your life abroad when you can make changes and do something for your own country. May be I  am being unpractical in this aspect in regards to the ideology of people trying abroad, but when you know life abroad is tough and hard then why go through it?

Can you imagine in just a month 39,000 passport have been issued that means a huge number of the productive youths are trying to go out of the country. If this youth force goes out then who and what will run the country. The question again hinders, there is no answer to it. Understanding the theme to the meaning of saying "this country has been run by pasupatinathi" proves to fit perfectly in this scenario.

Reality is with limited job opportunities, worst government practices and a hypocritical trend of going abroad  the youth of Nepal are bound to search for better options.There is no security, no future prospect, the country's system is fully corrupted and politics is ruling all field, then what to expect, is what they say.

Young people  have skills, education and capacity but they don't have opportunity is reality but understanding the fact opportunities has to be created. The saying where there is a will there is a way is the answer to the solution to all questions and allegations.

It's your right to go any where int he world but you have no right to accuse or blame once you leave the country..............................

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