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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Money taken as Tourists fee should be used to increase benefits for tourist

The Nepal Government has doubled the tourism service fee for foreigners exiting Nepal via Tribhuvan International Airport enacting from March 1, 2014. The decision to revise the fee was taken by the executive committee of NTB. It was later approved by the Ministry of Finance.

The statement specifically highlights that the income generated from the fee will be used by #Nepal_Tourism_Board to promote Nepal in the international arena and for development of domestic tourism.

I think the money collected from the tourists should be invested in the airport and other facilities rather than the personal holiday trip of the NTB staff. When they go abroad we all know how the promotion takes place. One thing we all have to understand that Nepal lacks marketing tools for Nepal’s promotion. We have embassies in most parts of the world why aren’t we using that network. Working as a tourism journalist I have personally participated in many programs conducted by such embassies that save money and time and most importantly it helps the embassy to increase their credibility at a national level.

Apart from that we lack promotional quality materials like videos and photos which need to be worked on.

The NTB should hire few intellectual marketing consultants who can work on creating a buzz campaign rather than spending millions and billions of rupees in the so called foreign trip in the name of promotional expenses.
I am sorry to say this but taking Nrs 1000 from one tourist might not matter but when it comes to a year’s round figure that money amounts to 6 or 7 digit in a year and you are planning to use it for promotional activities what a joke....
The money taken from the tourists should be returned to them in the name of service, my question is why isn’t NTB ready to finance thamel as a Vehicle Regulated Zone or help Basantapur give better services. Why is it just ready to go for promotional activities aboard only?

Why is my question? Its high time when the leadership and the Nepal Government start thinking about the long terms solution for Nepal’s tourism and its pros and cons rather than wasting time and money in the name of promotional activities.  

Nepal is getting popular as tourism destination whereas talking about the cost its increasing and when we talk about services and quality then its decreasing. Then what are the tourists getting out of it #Baba_jee_ka_Thullu
Use that money to improve the #Tribhuvan_International_Airport at least the tourists would get some benefit out of it ...............    

last time I was there at the International Arrival section I was ashamed of the message displayed at the corridor and services available there. Leadership needs to check this

I know and understand the importance of foreign promotion but at this stage our tourism is just growing. It’s our choice to whether make the base strong or whether we want to make it more vulnerable and expensive.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sworn for corruption and irregularities

With the appointment of Constituent Members Major political parties are planning to amend the existing Constituent Assembly regulation aiming at promulgating a new constitution within one year.

But my question is?
 Is it possible or are they joking just like last time?

The last 2008 to 2012 Constituent Assembly was dissolved by the then PM Dr baburam Bhattrai in with the obstruction of the #Constitution_making_process. He dissolved the CA in view of lack of politically understanding and in view of the bad image of CA.

To understand the relativity of the problem, first we need to understand our position. I mean to say where the country stands. Right now we are in a transitional phase of corruption, nepotism, power play, political manipulation. The country is ruled by few buffed powerful politicians who have embraced few hooligans and they are governing their rule either by power or by money.  The #political_culture_of_Nepal lacks serious dedicated leadership and vision that can upload the country towards development and change. Political leaders in Nepal are obsessed with corruption, nepotism, favoritism, power politics and racialism where they are doing political in the name of their self-interest.

The real problem of the last Constituent Assembly that pushed it to dissolve its identity are given below:
1. Number of state
2. Criteria of federalist approach

These two were the major issues which hindered the political culture of Nepal.
Can these issues be solved is a million dollar question?

The solution is well prescribed in the interim constitution 2063 that governs the current legal status but by passing the solution the then PM Baburam Bhattrai dissolved the CA in view of showing his lack of leadership.

It has been clearly mentioned in the Interim constitution 2063 that if there is a case of lack of understanding or if there is a situation of lack of interest from related stakeholders the CA can opt for Public memorandum which can be adopted upon anytime upon the agreement of CA members.

I think we do not need a solution but we need to find the problem as Nepal searches new grounds of change and leadership but the orthodox political culture and leadership fails to quit and prolong to create political chaos and anarchy.

Modern day slavery in Nepal

Nepal has successfully established itself as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal but when it comes to practice, Nepal still lack modern values of Humanity.  Reality is still today in remote villages there are people and tradition that practices what is said to be beyond laws and social norms. The terms #Kamlari or #Kamaiya might sound different to you but for people living in the Western and Southern part it’s a nightmare of hard labor and endless beating especially in the Tharu community and Dalits.

Let me first explain what these terms mean #kamaiyas mean people bonded laborers who agree to work upon a certain amount of money for a certain time frame.

Kamlari is yet another form of #modern_Day_slavery where young girls and women are sold by their parents into indentured servitude under contract for periods of one year with richer, higher-caste buyers, generally from outside their villages.

With the end of December the community of Tharu rise up to celebrates the Maghi festival, marking the end of winter, with this celebration, the destitute Tharu families whose financial condition are not good sign into contracts with people who want laborers. Unfortunately most of these laborer are below 18 and most of them go through hard labor where as others whose luck run out are picked up by agents who sell them off for #flesh trade .    

These laborers are left behind with no right and no voice where they wounds inflict blood stains of being verbally abused to hard labor to sexual harassment and exploitation.

These days a-lot of Kamaiyas and Kamlaris have gained power both politically and socially but they fail to address these real problems where still today women, men and girls are sold and they  go through this burning hell. I think only few of the handful people have got the benefit of the #Kamlari_Movement and have had the opportunity to woek  in INGOs and NGOs due to their disadvantage where for the rest the ground reality is pain hard work, labor and exploitation.  

Nepal lacks small changes but how, where and when are the things that we fail to realize. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Social Media and its hard reality

You might be amazed how people are getting more addicted towards using social media and integrating their personnel life. Reality is people are using it for updating every little thing that is happening in their life. From facebook to twitter to linkedin to instagram to pin interest, people are simply getting use to the ways of social media on their lives. So don’t be amazed when you get to hear people got divorce over an issue online or someone got fired over a simple personal update over a company. Yes it has happened and it’s happening all over the world. People are so use to social media that they often express, show their personal feeling and are dam loyal about updating their true feelings and sentiments.  On one hand they are being vulnerable whereas on the other they cannot help it as they as cluster phobic to hiding their feelings.

This has certainly made social media a crisis situation where a normal person should know its limitation and use.

To make it more personal and effective one should follow these points
1.       Stop using professional social media during your professional time
2.       Start using privacy setting
3.       Control your  web visibility and control you vulnerability
4.       Stay safe by optimizing your personal information

Social media can certainly help but it can also invite or put you in an awkward situation which needs to be understood .

Sunday, January 12, 2014

National Unity Day forgotten

Today it's "Prithivi Narayan Shah birthday" which was previously celebrated a as National Unity Day but after the recent democratic movement this day has been removed from its glory and fame.
For Nepalese and Nepal, King Prithivi Narayana Shaha is not just a name, he is the king of kings who aspired Nepal and made the unification process possible. It was his glories vision and idea to see Nepal as unified and strong. Prior to that Nepal had no identity, it was scattered in many states and countries.

It was his idea and vision that today we have a country that has been balancing its identity among great giants like India and china . If his leadership and vision were futile and weak we would not have this nation.  
He was born  246 years ago in 1768AD in Gorkha as a King who saw the pain of being small and scattered. so through out his life he lived his dream of a unified Nepal and his sons and family member fulfilled his dream.  Today when Nepal stands as a Nation its his contribution and his dream that we are proud of. We cannot deny his contribution.

The 2063/64 Constitution had scrapped this day as being of any relevance highlighting its weak mentality of weak #political_culture_of_Nepal. Act of disgrace was not stopped, in-fact his status all over Nepal were destroyed  saying he belonged to the group of dictatorship and ruling regime.

I think it is unfair for him(PNS) when our country recognizes so many martyrs who lost their lives  during the struggle to reinstating Democratic values but we fails to recognize that one voice that lead the movement of standing and making a Nation. His  leadership might be objected to  questions but his vision cannot and in no terms is questionable. If the #political_leaders_of_Nepal think that way then they are racist and they are discriminating. They played a dirty political game of  power politics just to impress few so called revolutionary forces which is completely WRONG . I stand by the words that I have written.

I strongly believe that PNS birthday is a day to remember him for his contribution and why we have Nepal. You rule our hearts and till the day Nepal will be there ur contribution will live on.....
His visions and legacy can be compared to nobody, no politician or Nepali can deny his contribution...
Salute to you Great king Prithivi

Monday, January 6, 2014

Nepal's politics in chaos after the Constituent Assembly 2070

#Political_culture_of_Nepal has gone insane, from the recent General Election of the Constituent Assembly 2070 till here things don't look to be normal, in fact the situation has worsened with in. People voted to get their elected member thinking they would do good for the country but now things are looking exactly the opposite. After election in most of the big political parties the problem of  power segregation and manipulation have evolved as a big question. Groupism and  power politics have infiltrated to nominate their  candidates for the Constituent Assembly. Serious dissatisfaction have been shown by party leaders and cadets in nomination of candidates for the Constituent Assembly. The UCPN cadets were seen torching their office furniture where as the NRPP were seen on the verge of dividing the party. Similarly in the Nepali congress as well dissatisfaction were heard from leaders for the nomination process.

The political leader are displaying a weak #political_culture that recognizes power and politics as the foremost tool. With this  manipulation and tussle the country is further moving towards path of uncertainty and chaos. With limited hopes the country seems to stall itself in the path of deadlock situation where the Constitution seems  to be a  big hurdle. Until and unless the political parties and leader adapt the #concept_of_nation_first, Nepal future seems doomed in corruption, power play, nepotism and criminal politics.

Politics for them is a like a business where they invest a certain amount of money for publicity during election and now when its over they are fighting like crazy to get to power to get back their money with interest.        
What can we expect from political leaders who just want  position and power ........



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