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Sunday, January 12, 2014

National Unity Day forgotten

Today it's "Prithivi Narayan Shah birthday" which was previously celebrated a as National Unity Day but after the recent democratic movement this day has been removed from its glory and fame.
For Nepalese and Nepal, King Prithivi Narayana Shaha is not just a name, he is the king of kings who aspired Nepal and made the unification process possible. It was his glories vision and idea to see Nepal as unified and strong. Prior to that Nepal had no identity, it was scattered in many states and countries.

It was his idea and vision that today we have a country that has been balancing its identity among great giants like India and china . If his leadership and vision were futile and weak we would not have this nation.  
He was born  246 years ago in 1768AD in Gorkha as a King who saw the pain of being small and scattered. so through out his life he lived his dream of a unified Nepal and his sons and family member fulfilled his dream.  Today when Nepal stands as a Nation its his contribution and his dream that we are proud of. We cannot deny his contribution.

The 2063/64 Constitution had scrapped this day as being of any relevance highlighting its weak mentality of weak #political_culture_of_Nepal. Act of disgrace was not stopped, in-fact his status all over Nepal were destroyed  saying he belonged to the group of dictatorship and ruling regime.

I think it is unfair for him(PNS) when our country recognizes so many martyrs who lost their lives  during the struggle to reinstating Democratic values but we fails to recognize that one voice that lead the movement of standing and making a Nation. His  leadership might be objected to  questions but his vision cannot and in no terms is questionable. If the #political_leaders_of_Nepal think that way then they are racist and they are discriminating. They played a dirty political game of  power politics just to impress few so called revolutionary forces which is completely WRONG . I stand by the words that I have written.

I strongly believe that PNS birthday is a day to remember him for his contribution and why we have Nepal. You rule our hearts and till the day Nepal will be there ur contribution will live on.....
His visions and legacy can be compared to nobody, no politician or Nepali can deny his contribution...
Salute to you Great king Prithivi


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