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Monday, January 6, 2014

Nepal's politics in chaos after the Constituent Assembly 2070

#Political_culture_of_Nepal has gone insane, from the recent General Election of the Constituent Assembly 2070 till here things don't look to be normal, in fact the situation has worsened with in. People voted to get their elected member thinking they would do good for the country but now things are looking exactly the opposite. After election in most of the big political parties the problem of  power segregation and manipulation have evolved as a big question. Groupism and  power politics have infiltrated to nominate their  candidates for the Constituent Assembly. Serious dissatisfaction have been shown by party leaders and cadets in nomination of candidates for the Constituent Assembly. The UCPN cadets were seen torching their office furniture where as the NRPP were seen on the verge of dividing the party. Similarly in the Nepali congress as well dissatisfaction were heard from leaders for the nomination process.

The political leader are displaying a weak #political_culture that recognizes power and politics as the foremost tool. With this  manipulation and tussle the country is further moving towards path of uncertainty and chaos. With limited hopes the country seems to stall itself in the path of deadlock situation where the Constitution seems  to be a  big hurdle. Until and unless the political parties and leader adapt the #concept_of_nation_first, Nepal future seems doomed in corruption, power play, nepotism and criminal politics.

Politics for them is a like a business where they invest a certain amount of money for publicity during election and now when its over they are fighting like crazy to get to power to get back their money with interest.        
What can we expect from political leaders who just want  position and power ........




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