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Saturday, March 22, 2014

T20 world cup a Dream for Nepal

We just saw the grand performance of the Nepali cricket team in the Bangladesh world T20 cup. The Nepali team coming up from the past few years of struggle is not a joke, but still, having said that I expect more from the Nepali national team. I have been arguing about this with many people about how and why we should not limit this performance or have our say in expecting more from them.
People have been arguing me about
1. There is not facilities
2. The government is not so flexible about their training
3. They have no resources  
Nepali Cricket Team
My argument is from past 5 years we have been dreaming about the world cricket cup we lost it to Bangladesh and they went and played 5 consecutive world cup matches and we remain the same, Was there a progress?
I would yes, but it was not visible, I saw that progress only this year when our country's flag was flying on the ground of chitlong, Bangladesh. People have been complaining about the resources available, but my argument is in an underdeveloped country to facilitate the national team with the international coach itself is a trophy  and what are we complaining about. If you look at the history of any country's sport, then you would probably see the hard work, drive and motivation by their own passion. Here the government, despite its resource have been trying. You cannot compare the Indian cricket team and its facilities here in Nepal and moreover,  it took them more the 50 years to establish themselves and here we talk about not even a decade. 
Apart from that if you look at the recognition and awards that they have received then its quite phenomenal like the government has already given or in process of awarding them with  more than 15 lakh (1.5 million) in cash, they have a fixed job from armed police force. Similarly, private donation and awards are being given to them at different intervals of time and still they complain they lack resources.
What kind of motivation are they looking for, do they want the government to play with them or what?
My argument is when it comes to awards and promotional advertisement they come forward and grab all and when it comes to performance and failures they blame it to the  government and lack of resources, what a joke?
Nepal and Nepali cricket has a long way to go in its cricket journey, but it's high time that the Nepali team needs to understand the priorities of what and how we will perform than just complain  about the past.
We all are in support of the team and leadership, but one thing they should be clear about is, the sport is all about pure passion and hard work if you cannot dedicate yourself from mind, body and soul then you do not have the right to wear the national  flag and be in the National team.


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