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Monday, April 7, 2014

Manakamana Temple in need of support

How does it sound when you go to a temple and you hear people asking money?
It is ridiculous the way people were asking for money at the Temple of Manakamana. I think in Nepal Manakama is one of the expensive temples that has a  nominal cost of Nrs 2000( USD 25)  and above for its  per person cost.

Total Cost Overhead Segregation
Transportation:       300
Food:                    500
Cable car:              575
Other expenses:     625
Total                    2000

The most surprising fact is being one of the most popular temples of Nepal, it  has no money for its repair. If you look at the turnover of the temple then you would be amazed how many people are earning  in the name of goddess Manakamana and they contribute nothing.

The Manakamana Cable Car receives around 10,000 a day on Saturdays, the cable car runs round the clock from morning 7 am to evening 7 pm without stopping.

So my question is with such income generation, how could the temple be NIL with no revenue that the management committee was asking  for money with the public.

The thing that intrigued me was people who contributed  money their names were being voiced out in public as if they did something great but my question is how can this happen in a temple. Isn't it a form of discrimination? It is clearly said in Dharma that donation in the name of publicity has no value and importance then people were doing this?

Most surprisingly Manakamanan Temple is one of the most popular temples that has a huge turnover, I mean to say from individual donations to income generation. There are a lot of people who are generating income in the name of the temple  and still the Temple has no money for renovation was a point of amazement.

Finance prospective

If you look at the scenario the  Manakamana Cable Car Company has over 3000 visitors on average daily.
The people who sell the goods  earn accordingly. Perhaps one cannot  imagine the money collected from the donation boxes that are placed at the temples periphery. Similarly the money and offering that people make towards the goddess is yet another important fraction of the temple is a  hard source of income. Now my question  where does all this money goes. The Manakamana Cable car Company must be paying a hefty tax money to the government, WHAT HAPPENS TO THAT MONEY?
Likewise, the money collected from the offerings directly goes to the pockets of the priests isn't there any management committee to manage this?

Lastly the remaining amount of the donation boxes are left for the temple management, which also has more management and transparency  issues. I guess the goddess of wishes has many wishes of her own where people are branding and en-cashing her name but when it comes to her  management then they look up to the public for the solution.



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