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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quality of Internet in Nepal

The Internet has become an integral part of our life. We use it in second, but today due to lack of standardization it is getting costlier as well as we have no clue about how it is being charged. 

From the fastest 3G service of any service providers (Ncell and NTC) money sweeps away in seconds, people have no idea about what is happening?  

Currently there are 7,788,001 GPRS  users while NT’s CDMA comes second with 192,632 users and WiMax service from NT has total 7,859 users. NT leads to 52 percent of entire market share on the internet, while Ncell has 46 percent. UTL and other ISPs have 1 percent of market shares each.


We want a definite mechanism in monitoring the bandwidth. Apart from that we all use broadband service in our homes. Most of the times, the Internet Service Providers (ISP) fail to acknowledge the rights of consumers in terms of providing better service and quality. 
At the beginning, we are promised with good customer service and quality bandwidth, but when it comes to real operation things don’t work the way it should be. 

Though the internet penetration rate has increased to 29.78 (Source: NTA’s second quarterly report) but the quality of service and customer service remains unchanged. The  bad customer service and hectic processes still hinder client at times of need when the internet has an error or problem. 

Customers and clients have to face a lot of problems in terms of troubleshooting and solving the errors. In-fact they have to waste their time, money and resource.  

Standardization of internet in Nepal is a must in terms of quality and resources. 
"Don't Keep your silence, Speak up and raise your voice 

If your ISP is not listening to you then its their problem its not yours. When you pay money its your right to get the promised bandwidth and internet service.

You have every right to demand #quality_of_service for the money that you pay.

Standardization is a must ....................



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