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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brazil looses their World cup dream

Wow what a match in between the rivals of the  FIFA World Cup football ( #fifawc2014) in an epic battle of sportsmanship. The Germans lead their way to victory in playing the best  strategy to target their opponent's  defense in making the best use of playing their game. The Brazilian team coughed their skills.
The gods of football are dead, they have been turned to humans as they are merely players. More or less  Nemar's absence makes the team no more than just a lousy player of ball not GODS. The stadium is silent in tears in support of BRAZIL. This is an end to the world cup dream for the Brazilians football fans around the globe. One thing that needs to be noted is the game of football has been changing, from the 70's when football evolved, the game has changed so much that previously it use to be ruled by one or two star players saving the day but now the game has took over where the team is responsible for making that effort to make victory. In the past big names have evolved in the glory of footballs like Pele, Madonna, Roberto Carlos,  Roberto baggio, David Bekhham,  Zinedine Zidane etc all these players made history with their dedication and hard work but now things have changed,  the football that use to be just a game of 20 players have evolved as a team effort of strategy that demands more better techniques.

Billions of football fans are watching the match live with 110 TV station directly showing the match, what a sad day to mark  the history of football in the making for Brazil. for a country that lives breathes and talk football a worst day to remember.

Well evolved with better strategy and interest, football is more than just a game.

Its a record defeat by Germany over Brazil. Finally we can say the gods of football are dead.


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