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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A proud moment turned into a mess

35,000 Nepalese tried and created the biggest flag in the world and is in the quest of entering  the Guinness World Records and its a proud moment for every Nepali but more sarcastically the left over has made the question of what next ?

The organizers  even raise 35000* 100= Rs. 35,00,000 ($36,842)  for the flood victims  but despite the fact the garbage created was ignored. The organizer blame it to volunteers and the volunteers blame it to the public now the question come who is the responsible the management or the public.

Something so beautiful left something so dirty and bad, whose responsibility is it ?

Should the organizers be held responsible for this or should the participants who carelessly  left behind the dirt that makes tudhikhel look horrible.   



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