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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lack of Social Media knowledge landed Anju Pant in Social Media Crisis

Recently the facebook book fan page of a Popular Nepali singer Anju Pant turned into a massive battle ground  of comments and harsh words. She was accused by her fans of insulting the religious belief of Hindu Culture. It started with a video that was uploaded in Youtube that went viral on social media website of facebook and twitter. In the video she expresses her passion and beliefs towards Christianity and how Christ changed her life. More in the video she ridicules the culture and traditions of Hindus and other culture where she expresses her true feeling among a mass gathering of Christians.

After the ordeal, She appealed the general public about her statement to be wrong and misleading with a Youtube video but to her surprise few other videos were uploaded where she openly acknowledges and contradicts her statement. Still today her facebook fan page is bombarded with sad comments.

Being a public figure one has to be conscious about what you are saying? Especially being a celebrity one has to think twice before speaking. Anju Panta's case was merely a fraction of what could have gone wrong?  It was a clearly case of Social media Crisis where she failed to realize the pro and cons of being a celeb.

In today's age of  social media where things can go viral one has to be very cautious about the interpretation of one's statement which can be interpreted in desired way. You can assume how things can go viral and land you up in a awkward situation of crisis.



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