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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nepal government has requested not to use lights in depawali

It is literally a joke what the Nepal government is doing. It seems insane that the Nepal government has requested the public not to use electrical lights during the festival of Deepawali. Deepawali the festival of lights is completely insignificant without the lights and on such times how can the government be so insensitive about such a cultural issue. It is the government's responsibility to arrange or  manage electricity and on contrary to that they have issued the public a notice about not using electricity. It clearly shows the ignorance of leaders towards the public that anyone can do anything in this country.

On one hand it may seem logical from the government's point of view of requesting the public as currently there is very less production of electricity but you cannot impose it. First thing the public is paying money for the electricity and the second thing is its something related to culture and tradition.

If the people in leadership are not able to manage and work out then they should give up their position.

Despite the fact that government issued a notice regarding this people will be doing it as its their right and they have been doing this since ages.

One thing that really amazed me was  when the government knew that the notice would be ignored then  why did they issue one?

May be in public interest but it suited only the notice for the sake.

Monday, October 13, 2014

CK Raut is not an Activist but he is an Extremist

CK Raut is not an Activist, he is an Extremist 

CK Raut the Madhesi activist has been recently arrested under a sedition case filed by the Nepal government where different Human Rights Organization are lobbying for his freedom. He has been arrested under Section 3 (1) of Crime against State and Punishment Act, 1989.

The Section 3(1) clearly states that If someone causes or attempts to cause any disorder with an intention to jeopardise sovereignty, integrity or national unity of Nepal, he/she shall be liable to life imprisonment. 

Raut since 2011 after his return to Nepal has been writing provoking  books and articles  voicing  independent Madhes and sought separation of the region from Koshi to Mahakali as separate Madhes. In ply of his objective he has organized various rally and gathering for disseminating his ideology. Raut had been subverting the Nepali youth against the country making efforts to convince them saying ‘Madhes cannot fit into Nepal it must be a separate independent nation.’

He had recently held an open discussion programme at the Ramjanaki Temple in Biratnagar under the subject ‘Independent Madhes Nation’. In the programme Raut appealed to the youths to launch an uprising for creating a Madhes nation and for independent rule.

His supporters have been defending his act in the name of  freedom of expression but expressing something is different than convincing and provoking  other towards negative sentiments and hatred.

Mr Raut is  responsible for his action  and looking back to his career it  doesn't suit him. He is awarded with Young Engineer Award, Mahendra Vidya Bhooshan, Kulratna Gold Medal and Prof. F. N. Trofimenkoff Academic Achievement Award among others. For a man of such caliber trying to create hatred among the different group of people disrespecting the sovereignty of the country  is certainly  questions his achievement.

Yes, he has every right to fight for his culture and people but not at the stake of provoking others. His actions are well responsible for his ideology that lobbies the variation hatred and bad sentiment against various group of people and region which is wrong.

To be precise an activist is a person who fights for the right things where as an extremist is a person or individual who provokes other in spreading hatred and discrimination in motivating people towards violence. Mr. Raut has certainly proved to a Extremist than an activist where his actions defies his achievements.    

Paras Shah and his ordeal

If you think Paras Shah is a crazy rich man who is just blowing out his money with controversies  and power than I think you are not getting it right. Before judging any person I think we should give that person a  benefit of doubt at least to understand his situation and his version of the story. These days we see a lot of post of Mr Shah in social media especially facebook saying he is this and that but I think it is unfair to him that people are just procrastinating.  

Under legal terms  he is a grown adult who has every right to understand his duties and responsibilities but if he doesn't than he is liable to face his action. He is what he is that's why he is living abroad. Though his lifestyle can be judge with his action and arrests but as a person he cannot be judge. In fact reality is only his family members have the right to judge him for his action to whom he is liable to.

Moreover, putting his action in contrast to his  past life and contradicting is a condition of weak mentality. He was a prince in the past and now he is a normal public like everyone. Like a normal individual he also has many flaws. He has every right like an other individual to do what he wants and be subjected to his action according to law but simply contradicting the situation in view of his past is a question of argument. He is what he is now than what he was in the past and he is right full subjected to rights and action.  
Currently he has fallen prey to  time and situation that takes strike him and  he cannot be prejudge with his past image of a prince.

He was caught with DRUGS and Yes he is a drug addict. He is  someone who loves FREEDOM but what about his privacy and his rights of being an individual.

I think he needs the support from his family and friends where prejudging him without hearing his version is unfair.

He is also a human so let's give him a chance to overlook and let's not       

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