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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Around 38 and more people died due to the blizzard who is responsible?

More than 38 people including foreign nationals and native guides lost their lives. If you look at statistics then tourism is one of the most potent economic sector for Nepal, with such sector how come such a devastation occurred with such casualties. How come when the Climate change indicators has indicated the blizzard who ignore the message and fail to comply the protocol.  
If the government is not able to prioritize then there is no way we can expect more from Nepal government.

Most of the newspaper and news agency covered the news but none of the organization raised the right issue. Who was responsible and why did we fail to save the lives of those people ?

Are we suppose to held responsible the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) that has taken the responsibility of training guides and managing TIMS and  fail to disseminate the news of the climate change ?
Are we suppose to blame the government which every year faces the same challenges in disaster management and fails to build a strong mechanism to fight against any natural calamity happening here.

Every year we face various casualties and at the end of the day various reports are prepared which then are stocked and pilled in cupboards with no conclusive results. 


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