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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gadhi Mai controversial sacrifice opposed by the western world

Photo courtesy: Gabriel Diamond 

It makes me wanna think and find logic behind understanding the complexity of crossing ideologies behind cultural and traditional values. When I see people blinded by the western ideologies in identifying cultural values over  controversies, it is literally amusing. How can you put cultural values in same view of modernism or going vegan where the whole ecosystem is based on the logic of survival of the fittest.

Moreover, the condition of understanding the so called pro-movement of the native people in opposing the animal sacrifice is something of being too western and running for the big donation effort. As I believe the western world cannot  understand these practices  which cannot be rationalized as its related with people's beliefs and tradition.  Stopping it or confronting it is a question of just controversies and anger but it can be adapted  in a more systematic and manged way of practicing a more human approach. But opposing it in view of  focusing western ideology confronting the eastern belief is a way of lack of understating the core values of traditions and culture.

Every year millions of people not just from Nepal but from the bordering towns in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in India add fury to this so called "Bloody Fest"

People come in hundreds of animal stocks specially with their wishes and sentiments.  Gadhi mai is considered as one of the worlds largest animal sacrifice event all over the world that brings huge attention and crowd in every 5 years.  

The most amusing aspect of the tradition is even vegan people bring in sacrifices and there is a tradition of so called manhood among the locals for attending the butchery and claiming the strongest.

Good or bad the sacrifices has been part of the culture from past few decades  where the tradition lives up to the mark of  its reputation. The tradition of Pancha bali, meaning the scared sacrifice of Five different species( rat, a pig, a rooster, a goat and a water buffalo) is a well practiced in various forms of culture in Hindu Tantric practice while devoting Shakti.

The Gadhi Mai animal sacrifice has been catching attention of the westerner who have been attending the festival in view of showcasing the amazing cruelity.

One thing that really amazes me is why not all these activism and controversies are raised when hundreds and thousand of turkeys were  sacrificed and killed in the name of thanks giving and how come the "Bakri ide" escaped the eyes of animal activists.

According to my sources this year the event was attended by more than 50 western photographers and video makers trying to find logic and creating story in view of portraying the strange.

Its just another agenda for the animal activists to find logic behind creating controversies where the solution would have been finding a proper way of managing and raising awareness of safe and unpainful butchery rather than question people's belief.


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