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Friday, December 19, 2014

Loktantra has given us nothing

Yesterday I was visiting  the Pasuti Griha and I noticed how visionary and credible the previous generation leaders were.  As if you look at the whole public sector there are merely very few infrastructures that have been set up by the government of Nepal. Whether you talk about setting up a schools or colleges or  hospitals in the last 50 years it is nil or only one percent has happened. We are sustained by the pre-existing infrastructures that have been remodeled to fit this new corrupt and manipulative system.

After the democracy the Nepal government and the leaders of Nepal were very much focused towards commercialization and capitalism, though we call our country a Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal but we are hardcore capitalist country.

Nepal has gone through various phases of political revolution layering the aspect of growth and development in its public welfare. we have the fake pride of Federalism and our identity where every day people are dying in remote village in absence of doctors and food, there is no explanation to this.

Now getting back to  my topic, Infrastructures like Prasuti Griha  are amazing wonder, they look dirty and filthy from outside in comparison to  Norvice International Hospital but when it comes to severity of case and public approach the Prasuti Griha is considered as one of the best in terms of doctors and public approach.

Looking at such infrastructure I think the leaders of previous generations were more concern about basic necessity of public. I think they were more responsible and public liable where they initiated better projects and policies towards safe guarding public policy in Nepal.

Whether you talk about schools, colleges and hospital most of the infrastructure that are currently running for public were mostly  envisioned and made during the pre-era of democracy.

The only Democracy has given us is commercialization, high cost, capitalism etc.

If you give it a thought you will surely notice that after democracy the country has further pressured the leaders to be more corrupt and not liable to the country. In fact it made them zombies of their own parties where they simply worship power and  money.

Reality of today is democracy and so called bloody Loktantra only brought commercialization in everything from food to health to every other sector. Even education today is so degrading that for application of any job minimum qualification required is  Master's Degree, what a joke?
People's have degree's and they do not have right jobs.

We call our nation developing but from past 8 years we have been struggling to even find a solution for an un-existing problem where our political leaders find it proud in saying sabhashad. We say our system is strong and poeple have the power where even today registering an FIR in the police requires pressure and  politics.

What are we doing and what is happening in our country?


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Killing poeple in the name of religion is wrong

#PeshawarAttack is certainly one of the most atrociousness inhuman attack against #humanity . Killing 131 innocent school going children in the name of #jihad is not just a question of judgment but its a serious crime against humanity. No religion Islam or any other promotes killing nor do they say killing innocent people in the name of religion is right. Its people's believe and  thinking that promotes killing and such carnage. What has happened in Pakistan is not just an example of terrorism but it certainly shows the prejudices and orthodox thinking of people who try to enforce their ideologies over the global world.



Saturday, December 13, 2014

36 countries where you need no VISA and can travel

These are the namelist of countries where you can travel and acquire the visa on arrival
  1. Cambodia: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  2. Cape Verde: Visa on arrival
  3. Comoros: Visa on arrival
  4. Djibouti: Visa on arrival
  5. Dominica: Visa not required – 21 days
  6. Gambia: Visa not required – 90 days
  7. Guinea-Bissau: Visa on arrival – 90 days
  8. Haiti: Visa not required – 3 months
  9. India: Freedom of movement; Nepalese citizens may live and work freely in India under the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship.
  10. Kenya: Visa on arrival – 90 days
  11. Laos Visa: on arrival – 30 days
  12. Madagascar: Visa on arrival – 90 days
  13. Malawi: Visa not required – 90 days
  14. Maldives: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  15. Mali: Visa on arrival
  16. Mauritania: Visa on arrival
  17. Bolivia: Visa on arrival -90 days
  18. Burundi: i Visa on arrival – 30 days; obtainable at Bujumbura International Airport
  19. Micronesia: Visa not required – 30 days
  20. Mozambique: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  21. Myanmar: eVisa – 28 days. eVisa holders must arrive via Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay airports.
  22. Pakistan: Visa not required – 1 month
  23. Palau: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  24. Philippines: Visa not required – 30 days
  25. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Visa not required – 30 days
  26. Samoa: Entry Permit on arrival – 60 days
  27. Serbia: Visa required -Visa free for a maximum stay of 90 days for valid visa holders or residents of the European Union member states and the United States.
  28. Seychelles: Visitor’s Permit on arrival – 1 month
  29. Singapore: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  30. Somalia: Visa required -Visa on arrival for 30 days, provided an invitation letter issued by the sponsor has been submitted to the Airport Immigration Department at least 2 days before arrival.
  31. Sri Lanka: Electronic Travel Authorization – 30 days; must hold return or onward ticket
  32. Tanzania: Visa on arrival – 3 months
  33. Timor-Leste: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  34. Togo : Visa on arrival – 7 days
  35. Tuvalu: Visa on arrival – 1 month
  36. Uganda: Visa on arrival

No Visa On Arrival

People of these countries do not get visa on arrival at the immigration entry points of Nepal:

1. Nigeria

2. Ghana

3. Zimbabwe

4. Swaziland

5. Cameroon

6. Somalia

7. Liberia

8. Ethiopia

9. Iraq

10. Palestine

11. Afghanistan

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to get an MRP in Nepal

Getting a Machine Readable Passport (MRP) is not as easy as expected, though the process includes a general verification of original documents with the MRP form but still it’s not an easy process.  Its funny thing that for just verification it generally takes more than 2 hrs that too if you are lucky and if not can proceed to another day.

If you are planning to apply for the MRP in Nepal than it’s useless to waste your time downloading the form and filling it at your home. As if you do so, while verification process there are chances that your form might get rejected due to the indentation or some other errors. So better you come to the District Administration Office (DAO) and fill the form paying NRS 50. In case you do not have a photo also no need to worry, you can click a MRP sized photo instantly at NRS 150 at the near stall. It seems unusual but there seems to be a very good coordination in between so called mechanism. What I mean to say is the DAO is there to serve the public and these so called managing agents (typist+ photographers) are there to earn. The amazing thing is they even provide you with bills. It seems that there is a very good coordination in between the officers and the so called form typist and filler where everything works in close integration and management.

Though it looks very nominal amount of money but every citizen paying an extra NRS 200 for filling a form can be a hefty sources of income for both the fillers and the officer.

After filling your form through the small corner shop, you would be asked to take the form to the officer at room no 105 for validation this is needed to be done only for hand written citizenship. After getting it verified you are asked to take it to room no 107 for attesting. If you are lucky it can be done in second the officer available might ask you questions to verify your documents. After this you are asked to visit room no 106 for second verification process. After the second verification process they ask you to pay the money to the Bank and after getting the voucher you can submit the form and voucher to room no 107 which ends the process.       

After completing the process you are asked to check the official site of DAO for name publishing of people whose MRP are completed and you can come collect the document. They generally say it takes about 45 days for completing the process and getting your passport you have to get into lines to get the stamp and signature.

Documents required
-Citizenship photocopy -2
-Passport photocopy-1 (In case of previous issue)
-Photo (MRP size)
-MRP Form
-Old passport (for verification)

(Note: Just be careful not to sign in between the lines. If you sign touching the box the form is rejected.
Please reconfirm all your information as once it’s done it cannot be changed and you have to apply again in case of any mistake.)

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