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Saptari Killings was purely Human Rights Violation by the state

Rayznews reported " On March 5th four United Democratic Madhesi Front cadets have been killed in a firing by Police trying to dis...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Killing poeple in the name of religion is wrong

#PeshawarAttack is certainly one of the most atrociousness inhuman attack against #humanity . Killing 131 innocent school going children in the name of #jihad is not just a question of judgment but its a serious crime against humanity. No religion Islam or any other promotes killing nor do they say killing innocent people in the name of religion is right. Its people's believe and  thinking that promotes killing and such carnage. What has happened in Pakistan is not just an example of terrorism but it certainly shows the prejudices and orthodox thinking of people who try to enforce their ideologies over the global world.




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