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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Facebook and instagram offline

Recently on January 28 2015,  Facebook  and instagram went  offline around 5:15pm AEST. Though users were pre informed about the technical maintenance but the black out  rumored of hacking that spread like fire completely stalled the world when it caught everyone's attentions.

Facebook and instagram were both started as a social media platform but  due to their marketing value they have evolved into commercialized business concept that focuses more towards adds and revenue generation.

Growing from understanding the socializing need to a hot burning cake of revenue generation facebook has evolved itself in variation of changing its look and appearance.

Getting into people's lives of creating a habit of understanding user behavior and pattern, the organization  has gone through various marketing strategies. Just like any other business life-cycle of any organization  facebook and instagram has seen its boom. I believe there has always been a replacement for everything.

If you look at the trend then social media  has been changing from  MSN to Yahoo to HI5 to orkut to various other social networking sites. All of them have seen their top level to bottom point. I think its just a process of evolution and humanity where people practice dynamism. People always want something new that excites and enthralls them.    

The commercialization of Facebook has taken its toll and it has evolved so much but now when technology is also growing and people are also getting fed up with all the nonsense and garbage things happening. I think there would be more attacks and securities threats targeted where it needs to face them. I think its people's choice and want that we all need to respect other than that anything rarely matters

One thing that I know is people love their freedom and no-matter what facebook or not I thing the world will exist and it will be better as the future new option of social media are evolving.

Monday, January 26, 2015

World bank and its Mobile app news in Nepal

Recently the world bank published a tweet  with the message "Smart Phone app helps #Nepal's Farmers Reports -This week in #SouthAsiaDev"  I think this is completely irrelevant as currently if you look at the internet penetration rate in Nepal, it is just 35% that too is limited with in city areas. The use of mobile phone is just limited with in  urban youths as mobile phone are very expensive and most important the prices of internet is also expensive. In such case scenario how can the user a normal farmer who is below poverty line afford internet.

Though the concept of Agricultural app is extraordinary but it is way beyond time but at current time when the internet prices and mobile devices are so high how can it be affordable and usable.

I think the concept of Agricultural app can be concept of future not present and reality.  



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Political leaders of Nepal have diverted their issue

After reaching the second deadline of the Constitutional Assembly the CA members have protested inside the CA vandalizing the property inside. With protest and shutdown program announced by the Maoist led alliance on 20 January the meeting of CA which was scheduled for a day ahead that happened at the middle of the night where the UCPN and its supporter showed violence and protested with violence. Highlighting their 16 years of conflict struggle they have been demanding a ethnic based federal system with cultural identity where the other political parties have been opposing the proposed system.
Though a political instability rules in the country but political leaders showcasing such outrage and chaos before the second dissolution of the CA term certainly means its hard and unfortunate to have no constitution situation. Protest programs outside CA has already been started by general public demanding constitution.

From past 8 years Nepalese have been waiting for their constitution where they have only faced corruption, power politics, manipulation etc

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The new Airbus of Nepal Airlines

The new Airbus 320-200 of Nepal Airlines, its a proud moment for us the citizen to see how NA is trying to survive. Though due to lack management and political manipulation the Airlines is in loss from the pass few decades but the pride of flying a national carrier cannot be compensated with anything else 

I hope and pray that Nepal Airlines grows with proper management and business so that one day it will fly to all over the world and the flag of Nepal would be respected in all countries.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nepal Police has no credibility

Early morning I had a scuffle with some thugs who tried to intimidate me.
In front of my home there big public property where kids come and play. We have had no problem and issues but lately a group of teenagers have been teaming up in playing football creating social menace in the society. The teenagers have not only been smoking weed but at times their language is insanely untollerable. We have been ignoring this and at times we have reported this to the Nepal police but as they like to say we have limited resources so we cannot do anything....

Coming back to the story, they play the ball harshly and hit the doors and enter the premises without permission. Most of the times when they are confronted they would reply back with slangs. We have been constantly requesting them to playing slowly but with their raising attitude and behavior its getting in tolerable.

After the incident we the society people went to the sorakhutte police station for report.  Their first reaction was very annoying as the thugs were already there in the police station. The officers instead of assuring us started shouting at us and they were very absurd as if we were the culprits. One of the relatives of the thugs was there. I think he had staged the police man with some understanding that we were being ignored.  After raising our voices the situation came in control and they agreed to listen to us.

I say what is this we pay taxes and at the same end we have to face the harsh consequences.

It made me feel as if Nepal's police is very biased toward power, position and money.

I could not understand the relative relationship of why police treats the normal public like this.

Why are we so pathetic to bear all this ........

Saturday, January 10, 2015

NAC not bad a as expected

Recently, I had the opportunity to fly with the national carrier Ra-405 to thailand. I was pretty surprise with the performance and the level of service that I experienced during my trip and I must say was not bad.

Working in the tourism industry for more than 10 years, I had heard so many things about Nepal Airlines and was in a delima of what to expect and how to react. I had early traveled to various other international destination so I had an idea about international flying standards and condition. But to my amazement flying in the national carrier was quite different than flying with foreign airlines. Apart from that the normal perception of thinking NAC to be bad and un-comforting was completely wrong. I think it was not the best but I would say it was not the worst, in fact it was better than the international airlines that I had traveled with. 

The flight attendants were very smart and very focused towards their duties and responsibilities. 

Moreover, the attendants were very responsive and duly served as per your requirement. I wish the government would further work in its management as its not just a facility but traveling in a national is a  matter of national  pride for any #Nepali.

We all are very busy in our lives where most of the times believe what is being told in news and media which most of the times proves to be correct but in most case the news and stories are partially told. Hiding the reality having benefit of doubt to the story teller. Being a journalist and working in #journalism for more than 13 years, one thing I can be sure of is Nepal's media are very biased towards their, commercial objectives and very few  journalists practice #EthicalJournalism .

What we hear and experience is just the matter of what the reporters want to show rather than showcasing the reality.

It was a proud feeling traveling a national carrier and hope the government further work on the working condition of #NAC.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

PK may be the best movie for 2014 but has no soul to it

From its initial soft launching in October PK invited un-wanted attention with its poster and controversial statements in regards to religion. The movie was fully planned with better strategy and presentation in targeting its modern audience.
Though it is creating its record in the history of Bollywood but from a viewers point of view I find PK extraordinarily waste of time and nonsense. I personally think people loved this movie in craze of Amir khan and his legacy of profound creativity that he prolongs.

The movie hugely targets the orthodox prejudice tradition and taunts the religion and culture about its drawback.

The movie starts with a ultra modern theory of an Alien who lands up in a deserts and later on grasps the language and culture. Now tell me who would be dumb enough not to know the landing of a spaceship in the territory of India. More could have been done to add in adapting the current technological development and what India stands for in terms of Astronomy.

The movie tries to collaborates towards focusing the normality of Indian lifestyle but somewhere down the lane it also highlights the Indian cultural transitional phase and dramatic issues of Indo Pakistan relationship with a new twist.

A love triangle with a country angle in the middle is more confusing than anything but one thing is very credible that Mr Amir khan has done is he has tried to bring in his experience of a philanthropist that he worked in Satyamayaba Jayate a TV series.

Not to be rude I guess Vinod Chopra must hard time shooting and directing this movie than arguing with amir khan contemplating the situation and scene.

Everything works in India with the Khans, reality is for a movie to work well in Bollywood it doesn't need a good script and good technical support  but it takes big names and their experience.  

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