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Monday, January 26, 2015

World bank and its Mobile app news in Nepal

Recently the world bank published a tweet  with the message "Smart Phone app helps #Nepal's Farmers Reports -This week in #SouthAsiaDev"  I think this is completely irrelevant as currently if you look at the internet penetration rate in Nepal, it is just 35% that too is limited with in city areas. The use of mobile phone is just limited with in  urban youths as mobile phone are very expensive and most important the prices of internet is also expensive. In such case scenario how can the user a normal farmer who is below poverty line afford internet.

Though the concept of Agricultural app is extraordinary but it is way beyond time but at current time when the internet prices and mobile devices are so high how can it be affordable and usable.

I think the concept of Agricultural app can be concept of future not present and reality.  




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